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Creating and maintaining affordable, sustainable public developments for current and future generations to call home requires a long-term vision and an unswerving focus on reliability, quality and service. A focus we bring to every project as a long-standing partner to the public sector throughout our history – and our future.
BMI Redland public sector projects

We know that public housing faces a host of challenges.

For all stakeholders in the sector, it’s a huge responsibility to deliver affordable and sustainable housing developments which will meet the needs of future generations. That’s why they need reliable, rigorously tested, technically sound roofing that protects their properties, alongside flexible scope, cost certainties and guaranteed performance. 

So how can we help? The quality, technical expertise and total support that Redland delivers will play its part in ensuring projects succeed, every time.

  • Quality pitched and flat roofing systems

  • Expert technical services

  • Unmatched guarantees

  • A partnership you can rely on

The support you need for the roofs that matter most.

The support you need for the roofs that matter most.

BMI Redland is here to help at every step, offering the perfect fit of end-to-end expertise and the peace of mind of having a roofing specialist at your side as your project takes shape – and beyond.

Our complete, customisable and compatible systems will help you maximise lifetime value and weathertightness, while our team’s public sector expertise benefits every link in the project chain, to deliver total peace of mind in a roof fit for the future.

The support you need for the roofs that matter most.The support you need for the roofs that matter most.

Complete support start to finish.

Ensuring total peace of mind

When you contact the BMI Redland Technical Services team, you can expect personal, expert attention and a free, bespoke roofing specification for your project.

A SpecMaster specification is led by a Technical Specification Manager and covers every detail of the whole roof, including slates, tiles, fittings, accessories, fixings, ventilation, underlay and battens, and covers everything from tiling, performance specifications, and British Standards compliance to best practice for flashings and carpentry. We even supply the required Redland product codes and a material list to make ordering easier for Quantity Surveyors and Contractors.

BMI Redland SpecMaster Technical Specification Manager support

More than just a product warranty

With SpecMaster, not only can you be sure that your roofing specification is the best it can be, but you also have the added reassurance of our comprehensive 15-year design liability and roof weathertightness guarantee.

We work on a simple premise. If you specify our products, then you will benefit from the resources we can bring to ensure our products perform reliably over time. There are lots of product guarantees available in the construction market, but SpecMaster goes much further to be more than just a product warranty.

BMI Redland SpecMaster guarantee certificate

BMI SpecMaster

“We found the BMI Redland product very good to work with because of the help that was on hand at the end of a phone call or email.

"BMI was always there to offer any advice that we needed. BMI built the specification and we just had to follow it, so a lot of the hard work was done before a single tile was stripped.”
Neil Sweeting, Director, NT Sweeting Roofing Contractors


A complex specification required to satisfy conservation officers

Located in Stockport, Houldsworth Mill is a Grade II listed six-storey former Victorian cotton mill that has been repurposed into residential apartments was suffering with water damage issues. The Redland SpecMaster service provided a complete solution for this especially complex specification.

As well as the specification provided by our technical roof experts, the SpecMaster whole roof guarantee has granted the client and tenants 15 years of complete peace of mind.

Houldsworth Mill hero image

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