Active Roofs

Our range of active roof systems perform a greater function beyond shelter and protection of traditional roofing systems. With the right technologies, roofs can be transformed into power stations, rainwater recycling systems or an opportunity to reduce energy costs.
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What’s in a roof?

Everything we do, every day, explores and answers this question. 

We think a roof is far more than just a collection of products protecting a building. It protects people, businesses, lifestyles and whole communities. It can be turned into an additional living space, a playground, a garden or even a source of renewable energy. 

When we think about a roof, we think about what’s beneath it, on it, and all around it. There’s more to roofs than meets the eye, and we’re here to help you see the potential. 

  • Single-source systems to remove compatibility issues 

  • Industry leading guarantees

  • Environmental sustainability 

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Top 5 Benefits of Green Roofs

Top 5 Benefits of Green Roofs

Modern Green roofs were developed in the 1960s to try and reduce water runoff problems associated with traditional flat or low pitch roofs. Adding a green roof and vegetation above a root inhibiting waterproof membrane absorbs water and slows run-off, but also provides a myriad of benefits.