Liquid Roofing

Our Liquid roofing range offers complete flexibility, coverage and peace of mind - meeting every demand whilst minimising downtime and disruption to your project.

Seamless, lightweight and flexible liquid waterproofing systems

Amid the pressures and complexities of construction, life never stops. Nor should your roofing project. That’s where a little fluid thinking goes a long way. Our liquid waterproofing systems provide long-lasting durability and can be used across new builds and refurbishment, so you're sure to find the right system that is right for your project.

Our range of liquid roofing systems can be split into two categories: cold applied systems that do not require the application of heat during their installation and our hot melt systems which require heat via a bitumen boiler.

Sealoflex: Cold applied liquid roofing

Combining unparalleled flexibility with fast installation and proven performance, Sealoflex gives you a practical, efficient and cost effective waterproofing solution. From large, exterior roof areas to small, interior plant rooms, from complex details to occupancy-sensitive applications, Sealoflex is suitable for a wide array of applications and projects.

With a 'wet-on-wet' application it combines greater internal bond strength with faster installation, as primary waterproofing elements are applied in a single operation. This is all supported with dedicated training, industry-leading guarantees, and full project technical and local support.

  • Fully adhered: 100% of the substrate is sealed

  • Lightweight: Less stress on roof structure

  • Single-source systems so no compatibility issues

  • Solvent and VOC free options

  • Versatile: Suitable for new build, refurbishment, whole roofs, balconies and more

  • 'Simple systems: No specialised equipment required

  • Wet-on-wet‘ application

  • Rapid cure systems

  • Ideal for projects with complex geometry or multiple penetrations

  • Vapour permeable

  • Highly durable

  • Supported by a wide range of industry-leading guarantees

Explore our Liquid Roofing systems

Revolutionise roofing with Sealoflex Ultima; explore the new brochure

Revolutionise roofing with Sealoflex Ultima; explore the new brochure

Unlock the potential of your roof with Sealoflex Ultima, the next generation of Liquid Applied Waterproofing
Ultima brochure

Liquid System Selector

Liquid System Selector

Do you need help configuring the best liquid roofing system for your project? Visit our Liquid Waterproofing system selector to find the right solution for you.

Liquid System Selector

Sealoflex Ultima - ICO03101

Download the Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating technical data sheet

Download the Sealoflex Ultima Waterproof Coating technical data sheet

Download for technical data, consumption rates and curing behaviour, installation summary and certification
Snapshot of the Sealoflex Ultima Technical Data Sheet

Typical applications for liquid roofing

Liquid Waterproofing Membranes: All you need to know

Liquid Waterproofing membranes have been used in the construction and refurbishment of roofs for decades, and it's easy to see why. They can help provide cost and time efficiencies to projects as well as enhancing performance. In recent years the technology of liquid waterproofing systems has accelerated. Here's all you need to know about liquid waterproofing membranes...
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Heathrow terminal 3 with Sealoflex

How do you complete a refurbishment of a 6300m2 roof at one of the busiest airports in the world with no impact on travel?
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Waitrose Sheffield with Profiles & Sealoflex

Profiles and Sealoflex: A Successful Roof Refurbishment Project at Waitrose Sheffield - How Innovative Solutions Ensured a Safe and Waterproof Environment for Customers and Staff
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Mind Mental Health Charity, Newham with Sealoflex

Built in the 1960s, the Open House is a single storey building that is occupied by a charity that could not afford to replace the original roof, even though it was failing badly and made much of the building unusable.
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White Collar Factory with Liquid Waterproofing

Overlooking London’s captivating skyline, this iconic running track sits on top of the White Collar Factory in London’s Old Street Yard complex.
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Hatfield Tunnel with Sealoflex

Hatfield Tunnel carries a huge volume of traffic daily and as a result ventilation of the tunnel is of huge importance.
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