Bituminous Waterproofing and Roofing

Multi-layer bituminous waterproofing systems deliver unrivalled longevity, durability and performance for warm, cold and inverted flat roofs, providing building owners with peace-of-mind that their building will be secure for years to come.

Robust and versatile flat roofing systems

Perfectly suited to both new build and refurbishment projects, BMI Icopal bituminous built up flat roofing systems are available in SBS and APP modified formulations and have been tried and trusted by the UK’s roofers for over 160 years.

It’s the quality of BMI expertise and technical services that make all the difference. Like working with you to support; writing specifications with insightful, evidence-based recommendations alongside the objectivity of a multi-technology manufacturer and the exclusive installation service of our Approved Contractor Networks - The IMA and Team Icopal who turn BMI Icopal specifications and materials into tested and certified flat roof solutions – assured by market-leading guarantees.

  • BMI Expertise and technical support

  • Market-leading guarantees

  • SBS and APP bitumen formulations

  • Warm and cold flat roofing systems

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Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Download our guide to achieving quality without compromise in flat roofing refurbishment.

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Bitumen system selector

Bitumen system selector

Do you need help configuring a Bituminous system for your project? Visit our Bitumen system selector to find the best solution for you.


Case studies & blog articles

SBS vs APP Roofing explained

As the construction industry has evolved, bitumen itself has transformed – with new materials added to bitumen to create “modified bitumen” that solves specific challenges.
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What is Bitumen Roofing?

In this article, we go through the story behind Bitumen Roofing, and answer some key questions on the solution.
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Natural History Museum Tring with Bitumen

With the existing roof of the building nearing the end of its life, the architect, contractor and manufacturer needed to collectively specify the ideal solution to ensure a new roof would be 100% waterproof for another 25 years
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Ongar Leisure Centre with Tecnatorch

In the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, sport and exercise became more essential than ever for many across the UK, this led the owners of Ongar Leisure Centre to undertake a major upgrade and refurbishment of the heavily leaking roof.
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Tecnatorch Bituminous Waterproofing brochure

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Thermaweld Bituminous Waterproofing Brochure

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Profiles Bituminous Waterproofing Brochure

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