Midland Heart with Wakaflex

This project needed a solution for frequent Lead Theft, with BMI Redland’s Wakaflex Rapid Flashing the solution to the problem.
Lead Replacement Flashings
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When housing and care organisation Midland Heart had lead flashing stolen from the same roof twice in one week, they turned to BMI Redland’s Wakaflex Rapid Flashing to beat the thieves.

Approved by NHBC, Zurich and Local Authority Building Control inspectors, Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is suitable for social housing and private new build developments as well as renovations.

  • Project - Replacement for stolen lead flashing

  • Contractor - PGR Roofing

  • Solution - Wakaflex Rapid Flashing

Lead Theft

 “Lead being stolen from properties is an on-going issue for many.”

“To have the same roof stripped twice in one week really was unbelievable. This made us look for a lead free solution, BMI Redland’s Wakaflex Rapid Flashing. The roof was damaged by the thieves, so we also used BMI Redland Cambrian Slates and Plain Tiles as replacements.”

Neil Harrison, Asset Manager at Midland Heart

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A solution to the problem

“Midland Heart specify which roofing products we use and with repair work at Holly Road costing nearly £10,000 and lead theft an on-going problem it seems sensible to use a lead replacement product.”

Rob Charlwood, Roofing Manager for INEX Ltd.

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Changing opinions

 “I’ve been in roofing for 35 years and, until now, have never found a lead replacement product that works.” 

 “My team went on the BMI Redland Wakaflex Rapid Flashing training course and it really won them round. We’re now seriously considering Wakaflex Rapid Flashing as an alternative to lead on all our projects.”

Paul Gwilt, Director and Owner at PRG Roofing.

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The Solution

The Solution

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is a BBA certified solution which can be used instead of lead on the majority of pitched roof applications for detailing around chimney stacks, dormers and abutments. It is easy to use due to its innovative self-fusing fully impervious bond that joins flashing and tile or slate. This takes just 30 minutes to mould quickly around the roof details and forms a weathertight and secure seal that’s guaranteed for 15 years when used in conjunction with BMI Redland tiles or slates.

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Lead replacement flashings

Lead replacement flashings

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is a lead-replacement flashing suitable for most pitched roof details. With many advantages - being lightweight, non-toxic, cost effective and easy to cut and install, with no risk of theft - it is an excellent alternative to lead.

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing brickwork