Pitched Roofing Services

We want to ensure your roofing project is delivered to the highest possible standards. Our team is on hand with a comprehensive range of free pitched roofing services, from specification tools to pitched roof CAD details.
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Online Pitched Roofing Tools

Fast, convenient and simple to use, our online roofing tools are available to help customers navigate product selection and determine the exact tiles, components and fixings required for their pitched roof design with confidence.

A Free Pitched Roof Specification at Your Fingertips

Our free technical services and pitched roof specification systems have been expertly designed to enable specifiers and end-users to design and specify a pitched roof that excels in terms of longevity, quality and performance. To ensure maximum safety standards are upheld and remove design liability, our free pitched roofing services have been created using our extensive knowledge of British roofing regulations, UK wind zones, research and testing.

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A range of technical roof tools

A range of technical roof tools

Whether you’re looking to save time and access quality pitched roof detail drawings from our DesignMaster CAD service, receive an instant fixing specification for your BMI Redland slating or tiling project with our FixMaster online specification tool or relieve the burden of writing roof specifications with SpecMaster, BMI Redland provides a series of problem-solving online roofing tools that help to streamline the specification process and provide peace of mind.

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Make light work of in-roof solar PV specifications

Make light work of in-roof solar PV specifications

Choosing the right solar PV system involves a lot of different considerations – from the shape of the roof, to which type and size of panels you need as well as the desired power output.

But we don’t think this should be hard work. The easy-to-use Redland PV Configurator is based on over 100 years of roofing experience – offering an intuitive way to quickly produce technical designs and specifications to keep your project moving smoothly.

Plus, it’s completely free to use – try it now to see how your project could benefit.

New PV Configurator from Redland for solar installations

Technical support and roofing services available

Speak to us directly

Speak to us directly

If you have any further queries, contact our experienced BMI Redland Technical Services team today to find out how we can support you.

T:  0330 123 4585

E:  technical.redland@bmigroup.com 

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