Stewart Fleming School with Hot Melt

Demand for rooftop games areas in schools is rising due to an increased demand for school places, not matched by an increase in a school’s footprint.
Hot Melt System

The Project

A Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) was created at Stewart Fleming School in central London to provide an additional space for pupils to play and learn. The MUGA required robust waterproofing suitable for a zero falls flat roof.

The specified solutions were BMI Icopal Parabit Hot Melt Duo and BMI Sealoflex Liquid Applied Waterproofing.

  • Project name: Stewart Fleming School

  • Client: London Borough of Bromley

  • Sub contractor: Byford Roofing


The System

“I chose Parabit because it’s a system we know well, it gave us confidence in achieving the target programme completion date. Not only is it suitable for a zero falls roof, it is also very robust”

Andrew Byford, Director at Byford Roofing.


The Materials

 “I am really happy with the spec we put forward, it worked tremendously well and enabled us to complete the project on time and on budget. Working with materials that we trust such as BMI Icopal’s Parabit Hot Melt Duo, helped us achieve a really satisfying outcome.”

Andrew Byford, Director at Byford Roofing.


The Challenge

The Challenge

With limited space on the roof the hot melt had to be installed as quickly as possible, allowing the roof area to be used for storage of other materials whilst the project was completed. 

The Hot Melt needed to provide a totally flat surface for the application of the sports surfacing. This meant accuracy whilst installing the insulation layer and the paving slab ballast. It had to be completely level to ensure the MUGA could be laid to the correct tolerances.


The Solution

The Solution

To achieve a completely flat surface a paving support system was chosen that provided minimal build-up with maximum support. Most of the 800m2 roof area was applied in an initial period of two weeks.

In addition to the hot melt, BMI’s Icopal Sealoflex liquid applied waterproofing system was used to waterproof around the fence posts and roof perimeter.


The Impact

The Impact

The project was a success, with the students now having significant space for sports and the building having significant protection from the weather. There was little to no impact on the school during the project, and most activities ran smoothly. The school now has the peace of mind that their new building is protected by top of the range technology, whilst also generating space for a multigames centre.


Hot Melt

Hot Melt

BMI Icopal hot melt systems are fully-reinforced, self-healing waterproofing membranes, specially developed for inverted, green and plaza deck waterproofing applications. Designed for concrete substrates, our hot melt system represents the optimum solution for speed of application and cost-effectiveness.

Key features

  • Self-healing

  • Monolithic waterproofing

  • Fully reinforced

  • Ideal for new build

hot melt render