Hattersley Health Centre with Noxite

Hattersley Health centre comprises seven flat roofs where significant refurbishment was required.
hattersley health centre icopal noxite hero

The Project

When the roof started to fail at Hattersley Health Centre, a new system was required that would protect the 7 flat roofs at the centre. The roofing systems were replaced with a BMI Icopal Noxite Classic built-up felt system, in which the Noxite cap sheet reduces the effects of traffic pollution.

All of the works took place whilst the centre remained open to the public so ensuring the building remained watertight throughout was paramount.

  • Project name: Hattersley Health Centre

  • Client: NHS Property Services

  • Sub contractor: Sanderoof


The Contractor

“In a project of this complexity, the input of the BMI technical team was very helpful. We’ve worked closely with BMI and its technical team for many years now and we have an excellent working relationship, ensuring that projects go smoothly and to specification.”

Sanderoof Contracts Manager, Gavin Greaves


The Client

“This was an exciting project to be a part of, it’s always rewarding when we can use new technology like this to improve facilities for patients and clinical staff, while making a contribution to environmental sustainability.” 

Sally Teague, Senior Construction Manager for NHS Property Services.


The Challenge

The Challenge

The seven roofs for this project were all at differing heights and all needed individually tapered insulation schemes to drain water to the perimeter as the client decided that it did not want to retain the internal drainage outlets.

The BMI technical team conducted a laser level survey to determine the best way to achieve this. To accomplish the brief, two cut-to-fall systems were in operation. The first to level out six of the seven roofs, while the second system drained to the perimeters.


The Solution

The Solution

NHS Property Services is committed to employing sustainable and environmental alternatives wherever practical. The replacement roof for this project is a BMI Icopal Noxite classic built-up felt system, in which the Noxite cap sheet reduces the effects of traffic pollution. The Noxite® torch-on roofing membrane turns the harmful nitrous oxides produced by traffic into benign nitrates, a depolluting effect that lasts as long as the waterproofing membrane.

To give a sense of the significance of the depollution potential of this eco-technology, a 1,000m² Noxite roof could purify as much NOx from the air as produced by an average car travelling 10,000 miles every year. That’s equivalent to travelling from London to Edinburgh and back 15 times.


The Impact

The Impact

“This project highlights how well we work together as there were many details and intricacies, such as forming the counter falls and new falls with the tapered insulation scheme” Sanderoof Contracts Manager, Gavin Greaves

This is just one part of creating a healthy environment for patients and demonstrates the commitment of NHS Property Services to using innovative and sustainable construction techniques where practical.” Sally Teague, Senior Construction Manager for NHS Property Services.




Noxite is a smart, sustainable bitumen flat roof waterproofing membrane that removes harmful airborne pollutants and provides a cleaner, healthier environment around the building.

Key features

  • Noxite mineral slates remove atmospheric NOx pollutants converting them to harmless nitrates

  • APP modified bitumen for improved weathering properties

  • Polyester reinforced providing greater tensile properties