Moorlands Junior School with Profiles and Noxite

Eco School gets a new Noxite roof
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Moorlands Junior School in Sale was having a new extension added to the existing building, but several problems with water penetrating the existing roof were causing constant internal damage.

It was highlighted during one of the site meetings that the school was registered with the Eco Schools campaign, so the building’s sustainability was a very important consideration.

  • Building Surveyor: Aedas

  • Main Contractor: Seddon Construction Ltd

  • Contractor: Mitie Tilley Roofing Ltd

  • Area: 1,500m²

The Challenge

The Challenge

On the first inspection the major concern was that almost the whole roof had ponding water, with vegetation growing across several areas of the roof. The existing bituminous waterproofing had been repaired at several points indicating areas that had historically had problems. When Icopal returned for a second visit, following a number of dry days, core samples were taken which highlighted areas of damp insulation. This indicated that the detailing, especially around the internal outlets, was the obvious cause of water ingress.

The works had to be carried out in the summer break and in coordination with the new build construction. Trafford Council were insistent that the whole works be completed within the six weeks school break to avoid disruption to the operation of the school. Roofing contractor, Mitie Tilley Roofing Ltd, informed the client that they would attempt to complete the works in the allotted time but with a poor summer predicted, they anticipated that this would not be possible.

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The Solution

The Solution

BMI Icopal conducted a full survey of the roof to highlight the problems. Aedas, acting as the Building Surveyor, and Seddon Construction as the appointed Main Contractor, had several discussions and site meetings with BMI Icopal to determine the best course of action for the roof.

BMI Icopal presented a full specification incorporating both existing and new roofs. Due to the severe ponding and the internal outlet problems a tapered insulation scheme was proposed draining to the perimeter edge. The additional insulation would also help improve the building’s energy efficiency. This would also be aided by the inclusion of new rooflights to meet the current regulations. For the waterproofing element BMI Icopal recommended the innovative Noxite® Eco-activ membrane, which was enthusiastically accepted by the surveyor, main contractor and most importantly, the client.

Noxite® from BMI Icopal is manufactured with recycled bitumen content with a granular titanium dioxide finish that works actively with the surrounding environment to transform harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrates.

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Noxite is a smart, sustainable bitumen flat roof waterproofing membrane that removes harmful airborne pollutants and provides a cleaner, healthier environment around the building.

Key features

  • Noxite mineral slates remove atmospheric NOx pollutants converting them to harmless nitrates

  • APP modified bitumen for improved weathering properties

  • Polyester reinforced providing greater tensile properties


Our Profiles Range

Profiles by BMI Icopal is a range of premium systems perfectly suited to the UK’s climate and unique challenges. Combining exclusive access to diagnostic tools and roof surveys, and expert installation by IMA contractors, Profiles delivers quality without compromise

Key Features

  • Premier, bitumen roof solution

  • Uncompromising quality

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technologies

  • Exclusively installed by IMA-approved contractors

  • Up to 30-year guarantee available

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