BMI Icopal's premium approved contractor network

Championing the highest quality of roofing

Initiated in 1996 by Icopal as a non-profit organisation, the IMA champions the very highest quality standards of flat roof waterproofing in the UK. The association brings together a range of technically advanced high-performance roofing products backed by industry-leading guarantees, applied exclusively through a network of approved IMA contractors. 

What we represent

We want to give Architects, Surveyors and Design and Build professionals the reassurance of knowing that the best products are being installed to the required standards while complying with all relevant codes of practice.

More than just a name – a guarantee

At a time of economic uncertainty for all those in the construction industry, an insured guarantee is a highly valuable asset. A BMI Icopal roof installed by an IMA contractor carries an approved guarantee which provides peace of mind for up to 35 years, depending on product and specification. The full range of guarantees, covering both materials and workmanship, provides unrivalled protection and demonstrates BMI Icopal’s confidence in both its product range and in IMA contractors’ skills and workmanship.

Benefits of becoming an IMA member

  • The right to display the IMA logo in literature and advertising, reflecting the professionalism and stature in the industry

  • Access to an exclusive range of BMI Icopal systems not available outside of the IMA membership

  • Access to Industry leading waterproofing guarantees

  • The chance to influence national industry policy as a contractor representative on the IMA committee

  • IMA training - each member is entitled to have two operatives trained free of charge in each of our waterproofing systems.

IMA 2022 Renewals

IMA 2022 Renewals

Looking to renew your IMA membership for 2022? Follow this step by step guide.

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Moisture mapping

Moisture mapping

Our Moisture Mapping Service and thermal imaging enables us to highlight specific areas of the roof that are subject to moisture ingress. This means we can provide a precise recommendation that identifies the priority areas of the roof for refurbishment and creates a bespoke specification of work that considers the whole roof area - ensuring the future performance of your building.

Moisture Mapping

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Further information and support