Moisture Mapping

Our moisture mapping technology means we can provide evidence-based recommendations to ensure the future performance of your building.
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Cost certainty and quality without compromise

Our Moisture Mapping Service and thermal imaging enables us to highlight specific areas of the roof that are subject to moisture ingress. This means we can provide a precise recommendation that identifies the priority areas of the roof for refurbishment and creates a bespoke specification of work that considers the whole roof area

Our team of roofing specialists will help you identify  the smartest investment plan for maintaining and upgrading your roof system. Surveyors are increasingly pressured to deliver evidence-based cost certainty in order to recommend the most suitable remedial work to the client or building owner. 

BMI Icopal’s flat roofing systems are perfectly suited to the challenges of UK projects, and supported by unrivalled services, from diagnostic technology that meticulously maps your project needs to work with you providing condition and survey reports, specifications with insightful evidence-based recommendations, to delivering custom, fully traceable, tested and certified solutions. And it’s assured by a complete system and workmanship guarantee that reduces risk and liability. 

All of this is done with quality foremost as part of a tailored experience that gives you absolute control, cost certainty and reassurance that your specified roof will perform and protect your client's investments over a longer life. We don’t compromise. Neither should you, or your client. 

Moisture Mapping Technology Diagnostic Equipment

The Survey works by utilising a special piece of equipment that generates a low frequency electronic signal which is transmitted into the roof system in situ. The strength of the return signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture present in the material. The equipment determines the strength of the current and converts this to a comparative moisture content value.

The equipment gives continuous moisture condition readings across the roof area being surveyed, from which a moisture map of the surface can be provided.

The advantages of this test are the speed at which it can be carried out, less than half the survey time of Nuclear moisture mapping survey methods, it produces highly accurate and instantaneous results and the test does not cause any damage to the roofing materials in situ. 

  • Instantaneous, clear indications of roof conditions 

  • Able to detect as little as 2% excess moisture

  • More than twice as fast as nuclear metres

  • Accurate and non-destructive

Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Quality without Compromise in flat roofing refurbishment

Download our guide to achieving quality without compromise in flat roofing refurbishment.

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Moisture Mapping blog

Moisture Mapping blog

Find out why you should use moisture mapping technology on your roofing project in our blog

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Technical Services

Technical Services

It’s the quality of BMI expertise and technical services that make all the difference. Like working with you to support; writing specifications with insightful, evidence-based recommendations alongside the objectivity of a multi-technology manufacturer and the exclusive installation service of our Approved Contractor Networks - The IMA and Team Icopal who turn BMI Icopal specifications and materials into tested and certified flat roof solutions – assured by market-leading guarantees. 


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