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Market-leading technical support, speed of installation and a 20-year guarantee made the BMI Icopal Profiles XL Firesmart system ideal for the final phase of re-roofing the Boots store in the main shopping area of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
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Property consultants Workman LLP and BBR Roofing worked with the BMI technical specification team to select the correct roofing solution, having established that the existing 960m2 roof was suitable for a cold roof overlay, as the existing insulation already met building regulations.

After repairing any damage to the existing mastic asphalt, BBR’s specialist bituminous membrane installers applied a waterproofing overlay of BMI Icopal Profiles XL Firesmart system directly to the main flat area. This consisted of BMI Icopal (Siplast) Primer, Profiles Vent XL underlay and Profiles XL FireSmart Mineral capsheet.

  • Product: BMI Icopal Profiles XL

  • Contractor: BBR Roofing

  • Consultation: Workman LLP

  • Area: 960m2

  • Awards: IMA Reinforced Bitumen Winner 2019



“This location – right in the middle of a pedestrian precinct – meant we needed a system that had the least possible impact to the store itself and other businesses in the area.”

BBR Roofing Director

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The Project

The Project

For BBR Roofing this was the third and final phase of re-roofing this multi-level roof building having completed both previous phases. Located right in the centre of Harrogate, the store faces onto Cambridge Street, part of a pedestrian precinct that extends to three sides of the building so safety measures were needed to protect the public walking beneath the roofing works.

Guardrails bolted to the external wall faces and covered with brick-guards provided protection at the roof edge and stopped anything falling. Access to the works was via a dedicated tower, which had to be constructed without obstructing local property occupiers.

Workman LLP opted for the BMI specification service because it was a tried and tested solution that benefited not only from the 20-year guarantee but the added security of inspections, surveys, plus progress reports from the manufacturer’s external site inspection team.  So, throughout the six-week project, BMI’s technical team visited regularly to check workmanship and advise where necessary. 

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The Solution

The Solution

BMI FireSmart Profiles XL Torch-on roofing membranes combine the benefits of standard Profiles XL capsheets together with Icopal’s patented FireSmart® technology so the capsheets act as a fire protection layer, shielding the roof from both spread of flame and fire penetration.

These polyester reinforced SBS-modified bitumen membranes operate as a torch-applied capsheet in a bitumen built-up roof system and are 30% faster to apply than traditional torch-on membranes because they employ technically advanced low heat-reactive bitumen. They feature striped resinous profiles to stop blistering and prolong roof life.

FireSmart is BBA-approved and has passed both ENV 1187, the European tests for Fire Prevention and Spread of Flame, and BS 476: Part 3 - 'External Fire Exposure Roof Test', its predecessor in the UK.

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Our Profiles Range

Our Profiles Range

Profiles by BMI Icopal is a range of premium systems perfectly suited to the UK’s climate and unique challenges. Combining exclusive access to diagnostic tools and roof surveys, and expert installation by IMA contractors, Profiles delivers quality without compromise

Key Features

  • Premier, bitumen roof solution

  • Uncompromising quality

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technologies

  • Exclusively installed by IMA-approved contractors

  • Up to 30-year guarantee available

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