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BMI can support you in identifying and creating the best ad hoc roofing solutions. With over 150 years' experience in the roofing world, BMI can offer technical advice on any type of flat or pitched roof.
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Professional consultancy tailored to your needs

The BMI consultancy service has been set up by BMI Group in order to make available a team of professionals that can assist and support roofing operators in defining their roofing projects.

In this way, we can help designers, qualified RoofPro layers, businesses and private individuals in selecting the best solutions for their specific needs and in planning each activity, and continuously monitor each phase of the entire project, from initial design to final construction. 

What is BMI consultancy service and what can it do for you?

BMI consultancy service is a free consultancy service offered to:

  • architects, engineers and surveyors in order to support them in their roof design projects by providing technical advice in line with the applicable laws; 

  • businesses/craftsmen/carpenters in order to help them identify the materials necessary for the roof and therefore come up with a more comprehensive cost estimate.

The aim of the service is to identify and recommend a technical solution that can: 

  • help you in the design or renovation of a roof

  • support your design ideas and/or implementation methods

  • offer solutions that are always compliant with the applicable laws, thereby protecting your business and your customers

  • evaluate the most comprehensive solution in terms of efficiency and from a cost-benefits perspective

  • give you a detailed overview of the project (construction specifications, details, technical instructions, etc.) build a long-term relationship.

BMI consultancy service is available to evaluate projects together with you and also on site for all your roofing projects.

What information does BMI consultancy service need in order to provide you with a "made to measure" document?

Today's roofs are made up of various components that contribute to their efficiency and/or function as the effective "cap" of the building.

Our roofing solutions use a technology defined as  ventilated interacting stratigraphy, which includes the roof covering, insulating materials and the waterproofing membrane, the ventilation layer and special components with specific functions.

They all contribute to the construction of a roof that is:

  • thermally and acoustically efficient all throughout the year

  • stable and durable

  • safe

  • aesthetically pleasing

  • sustainable

In order to help you, BMI needs to know the following:

  • the place where the work will be carried out, as it is important to know the typical weather conditions in the area;

  • in which direction, with regard to design and/or implementation, you are leaning

  • What type of roof covering do you want to suggest and/or use?

  • What type of material do you want the roof tiles to be made of (clay, cement, etc.)? Or are you thinking of a flat roof?

  • In which case you will need to choose the materials depending on whether it is to be "only" a non-accessible roof or a living space: a beautiful terrace or a garden area?

  • What type of energy efficiency will the roof have? Will it need to be highly efficient due it being a newly constructed roof and the importance to your customers of these aspects? Or is it to be a non-liveable roof space for which alternative solutions may be better?

  • What is the main structural system? Is it to be a wooden framework, on a slab in hollow core concrete or metal? Because there are different possible solutions available?

  • Can you provide information regarding its layout? Typology, distribution and form of the pitches, inclines, the presence of any discontinuities (dormers, skylights, chimney stacks, vents, etc.) and exposure are important elements because they are "delicate" points that need careful consideration.

  • Do your customers want a safe and secure roof that ensures the maximum safety of anyone accessing it for maintenance purposes or to carry out other work (installation of antennas, satellite dishes, etc.)? It is a good idea to seek to raise awareness of this aspect among customers and to advise accordingly.

  • Has consideration been given to solutions based on renewable sources that respect the environment and comply with the applicable laws and standards? Solar and photovoltaic panels are an optimal solution but require careful planning and design.

For the BMI consultancy service all of these questions are essential.

It will be helpful if you can provide us with the following graphic materials: plans, elevations and sections, any render views of the building and/or structural diagrams.

How can BMI consultancy service help you?

Based on the above indications, the service can help you with regard to:

  • ensuring that the right roof covering (tiles or final layer on flat roofs) is selected taking into account the climate zone and the impact of weather events, as well as the size and layout of the roof;

  • identifying the special components necessary according to the UNI standards governing the same, in terms of quantification and distribution, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the roof: snow guard tiles, ventilation tiles, half tiles, vents and connection tiles, end tiles, three-way tiles, etc. are all essential components;

  • fixing systems, where required, according to the specific gradients or specific wind or sismic conditions;  

  • eave (starter strips, ventilation slats, drip edge, etc.) and ridge (ridge fabric, ridge straps, etc.) components;

  • adequate insulation and waterproofing solutions in terms of materials and the size of the same, in relation to the weather and also the tiles chosen, the gradients and the influence of the underlying structure. We provide a hygrothermal analysis of the overall "package" and all the essential parameters for assessing the roof performance: transmittance, periodic thermal transmittance and phase shifting, interstitial checks and the formation of mould. 

  • distribution of the necessary anti-fall equipment so that the roof is safe and compliant with the law evaluation of the integrated photovoltaic system: layout, features, laying method.

Request support from BMI

Request support from BMI

If you have a project to implement, you can ask the BMI Expert team for technical support. You can compare solutions in order to find the one that best suits your design requirements.

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