Roofing systems for factories and industrial buildings

When it comes to industrial buildings, reliability and strict compliance with quality and safety standards are the main focus when constructing roofing systems. For this reason, we offer a variety of solutions designed specifically for the world of industry.
Industrial Buildings

Particular attention needs to be paid to factory roofs and other industrial structures since the roofing of these production spaces is fundamentally important for the safety of those working within said spaces and for ensuring maximum operational continuity.

The systems developed by the BMI group go above and beyond mere compliance with the rules and satisfy significantly higher standards in terms of durability, safety and efficiency.

For us, the design and installation of an industrial roof means guaranteeing our customers protection against leaks or the poor insulation of persons, machinery and materials used in the company's manufacturing process, as well as reducing extraordinary roof maintenance.

These aspects help to conserve the value of a real estate asset and of the capital invested, as well as to reduce the management and maintenance costs: for example, a building with an intact roof has fewer losses and so the insurance premiums for these manufacturing plants can be reduced.

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