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A finished roof is only as good as its installation. Building and maintaining good relationships with skilled roofing installers is one of BMI’s greatest strengths.
roofing contractors

Getting the best out of a roof

At BMI we are proud of the quality of our products, the effectiveness of our systems, and the range of our solutions. But, even the best products in the world will not perform as they should if they are not installed correctly. We recognise the importance of partnering with roofing installers and helping them to become the best in their field. Because a BMI roof can do more than keep the weather out, and it takes expertise and competency to make sure that it reaches its full potential.

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Every country is different, so having a good understanding of local regulations is crucial. BMI can offer support and help connect clients with roofing contractors.

We have roofing contractors partnerships around the world.

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Recongizing and supporting the best roofing contractors, with a complete portfolio of training courses, the most comprehensive guarantees on the market and a complete suite of sales and marketing support tools. This is BMI RoofPro.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the curve

Part of a contractor’s expertise lies in understanding and getting the most out of traditional techniques. But with the development of new products and processes it is equally important to get to grips with the benefits these can bring. Flat or pitched, conventional or cutting edge, BMI provides full technical support and training in the installation of our comprehensive range of advanced roofing solutions, getting the very best from your roof.

New trends in roofing

How we support roofing contractors

stay ahead of the curve

Total solutions

Total solutions

We want customers to be delighted with their new roof in every way. BMI helps roofing contractors to have happy customers by supplying the optimum solution for their project. Whether the roof requires insulation, energy generation, water management, or simply durable weatherproofing and great aesthetics, BMI can provide everything you need. For roofing contractors and customers alike, this comes backed with decades of experience, technical expertise, and three levels of guarantee, offering unrivalled peace of mind.

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