Up to 10-15 years of extra life for your property's roof with regular maintenance services

According to BMI Finland, the most common problem with roof maintenance services is that property companies do not order inspections and maintenance by roofing professionals.
Roof Maintenance

Roofing professionals find the right problem areas

Property maintenance companies carry out roof maintenance, but they are not necessarily professionals in the field.

A roofing professional can see and look at the right things when checking the roof and therefore find the areas in the roof that need to be addressed more quickly. Regular inspection and maintenance of the waterproof roof are key solutions to prevent major damage. These help housing companies keep track of when it is time to start roof renovation.

According to BMI Finland, the most common problem with roof maintenance services is that property companies do not order inspections and maintenance by roofing professionals. Roof inspections of buildings are often carried out by a property maintenance company.

Roof maintenance is thought to go hand-in-hand with other inspection and maintenance work, and the condition of roofs is not seen as an important entity in its own right. They will only be contacted when the roof is already leaking", say Antti Nieminen, Production Manager at Icopal Katto Oyand Mona Leino, Product Group Manager at BMI Finland.

"Regular maintenance allows us to anticipate years in advance when it would make sense to carry out a roof renovation. This helps to make long-term plans and investments".
Antti Nieminen, Production Manager, Icopal Katto Oy

In larger towns and cities, roof inspections and regular maintenance contracts are already commonplace. At best, the average roof can last up to 10-15 years without major renovation.

What to consider when planning roof maintenance?

Icopal Katto Oy's maintenance services work with all roofing materials, and the size of the housing company has no influence on the amount of work.

However, the most important thing is to get the roof maintenance contractor to know the maintenance history of the property and what problems have been experienced with the roof in the past. In addition, safety issues are taken seriously in BMI Finland.

"We always work safely, so of course we want to know where you can go on the roof and whether there are the right attachment points on the roof for safety harnesses. If necessary, we can build temporary moorings".
Antti Nieminen
, Production Manager, Icopal Katto Oy

When planning a roof maintenance package, it is a good idea to consider whether maintenance should start as soon as the roof is replaced, or only when the roofing material is a little older. In addition, when planning maintenance, it is a good idea to take into account the type of trees around the site. The amount of trees and foliage largely determines whether maintenance is carried out twice a year.

"If the roof is multi-purpose, it is recommended to carry out maintenance twice a year, as there are many more risk areas. Even with an older roof, a more frequent maintenance cycle is justified".
Mona Leino
, BMI Finland Product Group Manager


From BMI Finland you get extensive expertise for all roofs

Before a seasonal maintenance contract is signed, it is recommended that all roofs be inspected or subjected to a more extensive condition survey to plan for the future. Icopal Katto Oy's technical services include:

  • Roof condition inspection g Roof condition survey

  • Seasonal maintenance of the roof

  • We provide comprehensive reports on inspections and investigations, which we use to plan the next steps together with the client.

At BMI Finland you always get comprehensive roof maintenance. If the situation arises, we will also advise you on what to do and how to do it. We do all this with decades of experience in roofs. We are familiar with old structures and materials, and we manufacture roofing materials ourselves.

We hope that our customers will not hesitate to contact us. We offer extensive support through our Technical Centres:

- There is no question about roofs and roof maintenance that is too minor for us to answer", concludes Mona Leino.


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