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Public Buildings

BMI solutions for civil construction are not limited to roofing installations for public buildings but also include a range of waterproofing solutions perfect for bridges, tunnels, car parks and other public infrastructure such as airports and stadiums.
In addition to roofing systems, BMI offers waterproofing solutions envisaged also for the public and civil construction projects that we build and that require maximum attention to the design and architecture.

Whether it's a case of waterproofing Rędziński Bridge, the longest and highest bridge in Poland, or the tunnel that connects Doha international airport to the city, we offer a range of bituminous claddings, technical fabrics and insulating membranes that can satisfy any customer requirement, however complex the project.

In each project, the technological solutions offered by BMI are further strengthened by our services: support and on-site training for the laying of materials, design support with BMI tools and post-installation support such as RFID monitoring to check the health of the roofing systems, in line with smart building characteristics.

Thanks to the services offered by BMI, each project is developed with a focus on ensuring the best relationship between the various partners, assessing the investment costs, development times and the time required to manage the bureaucratic aspects such as inspections, and paying attention to the availability of materials in the various locations and countries

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