It’s just never a roof

BMI understands the true value the right roof can bring. Not just for buildings. But for modern businesses. From innovative materials that are both sustainable and easily maintainable, to design unlocking the potential of property’s most under-used space, read on to discover how a BMI roof can improve your bottom line.
Roofs that elevate

Making more of your roof

Today, traditional cost management responsibilities are increasingly performed alongside a need to drive long-term business value, enhance employee experience, deliver on CSR and ensure the best ROI. With this recalibration of roles comes a huge opportunity. The chance to rethink roofs.

Unlock value: do not let roofs be your biggest untapped resource

If your remit includes improving corporate building portfolio value, remember to look up; roofs are one of the most under-utilised land coverings in existence. BMI solutions can deliver new revenue streams which are both profitable and sustainable. With a solution for every roof, BMI systems are designed to be dependable, driving down operational costs and freeing precious resources.

  • Green roofs to provide a calming space or to enhance biodiversity.

  • Blue roofs to manage and contain rainwater.

  • Solar panels to generate energy, cutting costs and carbon.

Family life thrives under solar roof
  • Tough waterproof surfaces to create areas for parking.

Verkehrsbauwerke Parkdecks BMI deutschland
  • Even solutions to help purify the surrounding air from toxic gases.


Roofing Applications & Case Studies

From homes to stadiums, we can help to identify the right solution for you.

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Public Buildings

Factories & Industrial Buildings

Warehouse & Logistics Buildings

Commercial & Retail Buildings

About Products & Services

Learn more about what makes a reliable roof, and how you can get the most out of them.

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Where to find us

Our experienced export team supplies roofing solutions to all parts of the world.

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There is so much more that BMI can help you to get out of your roof

From the first conversation to the last construction detail, we help you to construct roofs that make your vision a reality.

We want to gain a clear understanding of every aspect of your build, including how it will be used, the conditions it must face and what you would like the finished building to look like.

Once we have a complete picture, our experts work with you to define every aspect of the roof, from high performance insulation and waterproofing, to hardwearing tiles and the latest energy generating technologies, delivering a solution that protects and enhances the whole building.

Research & Development: how better roofs raise our happiness

Shared spaces bringing employees together. Enhanced customer experiences. Wellness areas creating better life-work balance. Gardens inspiring fresh creative thinking.
Where some see simply roofs, we see potential for happier workers and delighted customers, key drivers in raising productivity and profit.

Our dedicated research teams are constantly exploring new frontiers in roofing design and performance, developing products, systems, solutions and services.

From tiles which help to keep the space below them cool, to the latest leaps in sustainable drainage and water capturing systems, and modular installation methods, we work tirelessly to improve the comfort, value and sustainability of your roof.

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Unlock your roofs

Utilising untapped roofs increases your property’s available space.
And with it your potential rental yields and future re-sale value.

Solutions for each building type

Different sectors face specific challenges. What sets BMI apart is our vast cross-sector experience, from commercial, logistics, manufacturing and offices, to hospitality, healthcare and education. 

A BMI Roof for every situation

With Europe’s most comprehensive range of solutions in the widest range of markets, every roof can be a BMI roof.

The strength of our historical brands

At the heart of our global roofing solutions are our trusted brands.
With a proven track record for technical excellence, they provide the widest choice of technologies to cover every possibility.

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BMI operates around the world, bringing cenrtal development and global know how to provide local solutions that are adapted to your needs.

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