Building Owners and Corporate Real Estate Managers

BMI's market-leading flat and pitched roof systems provide building owners and Corporate Real Estate managers with long-lasting solutions to improve portfolio value.
Building Owners

Wide-ranging commercial roofing solutions

At BMI, we know no two roofs are exactly the same - so each of our commercial roofing solutions is tailor-made to suit your particular building or business. Of course, you’ll want a roof which offers maximum protection and peace of mind in the long-term - but you’ll also be looking for ways to maximise your building’s potential and increase your corporate property portfolio value. Whatever your preferences, we can support you to find and install the right solution to fit your needs.

With decades of experience in roof design, product manufacturing and development, we understand how to help you get the most from your roof, and can make the process straightforward. From design to installation and after sales care, BMI offers a single point of service.

Our industry-leading products are rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand the toughest weather conditions and will protect your business for years to come. With a European network of technical centres focused on innovation, it’s no surprise that we ensure our products perform well beyond the standards required by building regulations. We’re so confident in the durability of our roofing solutions, and the training that we provide installers, that we offer a 20-year Solution guarantee on materials and workmanship.

To speak to someone for help and advice about your project design, specification and budget or for information about site inspections and maintenance programs, please email us.

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As Europe’s largest roofing manufacturer, with a history going back to 1852, let us advise you on how to re-think your roof

Protecting your assets

Rethink roofs


Adding roof functionality can add significant value, read more about these popular retro-fit or new build options

Green roofs

Blue roofs

Solar roofs

Protecting your assets

Protecting your assets

We believe in quality and longevity. Choose a BMI roof, and you can feel sure that your property and business will be protected from fire, wind, hail, ice or heavy rain for years to come.

Because quality is at the forefront of all the work we do, you might even see lower insurance premiums as well as greater peace of mind. Plus, once your roofing solution has been installed, we’re able to offer maintenance programmes to keep your new asset in top condition.

protecting your assets

How much value can a roof generate?

We can help you strategically assess your cost of ownership by clarifying the absolute costs of a roof during its lifetime. With a hands-on-approach from the start, we’ll provide guidance throughout your project, plus full follow-ups including roofing inspections at each stage of your roof lifecycle.

We provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) assets to help you identify potential pain-points right from the earliest design stage. BIM content also helps you to keep an up-to-date record for your buildings, so that you can stay on top of maintenance and upgrades.

What will you discover when you rethink roofs?

At BMI, we’ve seen first-hand how the right roof can add value to modern businesses. As a Corporate Real Estate Manager or building owner, one of your main aims will be to improve the value of your building and deliver new revenue streams. With a solution for every type of roof, our systems are designed to be both profitable and sustainable.

Higher revenue streams and better business continuity. Greater employee satisfaction, reduced operational costs. All delivered with a positive impact on the environment. Ready to rethink what your roof can do?

What will you discover when you rethink roofs?

Improving employee wellbeing

Improving employee wellbeing

Imagine if you could make your roof a space for employees to collaborate and enjoy a better work-life balance.

We all know that getting out of the office and into the fresh air can improve creativity and productivity, so investing in something like a communal roof garden, all-weather running track, or football pitch on your roof can help to nurture a better company culture, ultimately improving the quality of work and profit.

As well as being a great way to wow customers and retain the best talent, utilising untapped roofsaces also increases your property’s available space, and with it your potential rental yields and future resale value.

improving employee vellbeing

Sustainable roofing

BMI’s innovative sustainable roofing solutions can help you comply with government regulations and obtain LEED or BREEAM certification. Your roof can significantly reduce your business’s impact on the environment and help you to hit sustainability and CSR targets. 

A great example of this is our work to create a self-watering green roof for the new L’Oréal Hair Research Centre in Paris, built to minimise the impact of greenhouse gases as well as providing excellent thermal performance and ecological water management.

The options are wide-ranging and the opportunities huge. You could harness your empty roof space to generate power through solar panels, reducing operating costs and guaranteeing a long-term source of power at a fixed cost. 

Or, you could transform your roof into an open green space for employees to enjoy, improving productivity and company culture. If you also invested in a BMI Blue Roof you could collect rainwater for irrigation or grey water plumbing. As well as adding value to your roof, you’re also helping your neighbours by controlling water runoff into sewer systems and helping to prevent localised flooding.

Future thinking with Noxite

Future thinking with Noxite

Imagine if every roof in your city could transform harmful air pollution into fresh air. With our smart Noxite membrane, this could become reality.

Noxite incorporates TiO2 (titanium dioxide) granules that transform harmful NOx (nitrogen oxide) pollutants created by road transport, manufacturing and power production into harmless nitrates at lower levels than you’d find in bottled water. This state-of-the-art process remains active for the entire lifespan of the roof, providing a continual investment for the future. 

future thinking with Noxite

Keeping cool

Keeping cool

The pigments in our Protegon concrete roof tiles reflect 300% more infrared rays than traditional tiles. This means they can help keep roofs and surrounding areas cooler and thus can improve the comfort levels in living spaces.

For large, flat roofed buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and industrial premises, our specialist range of highly-reflective white waterproofing membranes reflect solar radiation to create what is often called a ‘cool roof’. These are particularly useful in sunny countries as they do not absorb as much heat as dark roof materials, reducing the energy demand from air-cooling units and thermal stress on the roof system.

keeping cool