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Roofing systems for shops and commercial buildings
Commercial buildings

BMI roofing systems for commercial buildings, whether retail shops or large department stores, combine the solidity and durability required for working environments and the attention to design and aesthetics that is typical of buildings for commercial use.

Commercial buildings are among the working environments that require a greater focus in the roof design phase. We offer roofing solutions that not only consider the safety of workers and the proper conduct of the commercial activities, but also ensure ideal conditions for customers while they are in the building.

In this regard, BMI roofing systems ensure optimum insulation and waterproofing, facilitating complete micro-climate control of the internal environments during any season and weather conditions.

For us, this last factor is a highly important aspect that affects the design choices made with regard to the system components to be installed at the various sites. Our expert knowledge of the various geographical areas means that we can guarantee the best product and service solutions also in terms of on-site support and training with regard to the installation of every component, as well as monitoring the condition of the various properties. Thanks to our approach, we can guarantee that our customers' properties maintain their value and efficiency in terms of energy and maintenance costs.

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