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Using the latest design and manufacturing technologies, our experts help architects to fully realise their vision and create roofs which intrigue and inspire.
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Working with you

BMI doesn’t simply provide off the shelf products — we look to work closely with architects to develop high quality roofs that form a cohesive part of a building’s design. From vapour control layers and sealants, to fall protection systems and roof-based technologies, every element of a system can be fine-tuned to the specific requirements of your design. We’ll provide detailed drawings to show critical interfaces, calculate insulation thermal values and conduct condensation risk analysis, as well as advising on appropriate solutions. 


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Active roof systems

Building information modelling (BIM)

BIM is transforming how buildings are designed and built, streamlining specifications and strengthening relationships between all strands of the project team. BMI’s in-house developers can author items for the leading architectural software such as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD Graphisoft and the IFC standard and our experts are always on hand to support you with your digital information and graphical requirements.

Our rapidly growing library of BIM objects allows you to download roof solutions as a single package, providing exact quantities for every element in the specification including tiles, fixings and membranes.  

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Supporting innovation

Supporting innovation

The vitality of our architectural world rests not only on the here and now, but on the dreams of generations to come. Since 1986, BMI have worked in partnership with the Danish School of Architecture, sponsoring The Icopal Prize — the most prestigious award for Danish architecture students.


Supporting innovationSupporting innovation

New approaches

New approaches

When you’re pushing the boundaries of design, you need solutions that can keep pace. Our R&D teams are constantly working to develop state-of-the-art systems. Explore the latest approaches and concepts in roofing design.
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Making a mark

Whether you’re creating a landmark public building, a shelter from extreme weather or restoring a period home, BMI has a roofing solution to meet your needs.