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We seek to be a partner without borders able to implement roofing designs and projects in the main areas worldwide.
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An international partner

An international partner

BMI Group was born out of a recognition that customers now expect a single point of expertise to help them find their ideal roof. Bringing together some of the industries most trusted brands to become one of the main providers of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions in Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and Africa, BMI Group has over 165 years of experience and innovation to offer its clients.

As a Standard Industries company, BMI Group, headquartered in the UK,has the support, reach and resources of a global enterprise.

With over 120 production facilities across Europe, Africa and Asia, and more than 9,500 employees worldwide, the business is well positioned to provide an unparalleled level of service to homeowners, specifiers, contractors, property owners and developers.

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We believe that on-site presence and skill in international or local projects is a fundamentally important asset that guarantees the best results in terms of time, costs, quality and compliance with local laws.
Our worldwide presence and the stories of our international projects are the result of this approach.

Every project requires specific knowledge and skill in order to carry out specific works in different countries around the world. Laws, supply logistics and the maintenance of the real estate assets are aspects that can change according to the geographic area in which the works are carried out.

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