Making the most of your roof

Our diverse range of roof solutions can be tailored to your precise needs, helping you to create a home that truly fulfils your dreams.
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A reflection of you

A roof is much more than a collection of materials. It is a statement about the values, lives and tastes of all those that live below it. BMI works intimately with homeowners, exploring your requirements and helping you find the best solutions. From premium clay and concrete shingles, which effortlessly recreate the look of a period roof, to cutting edge solar PV technologies, which generate clean electricity and reduces bills, we create beautiful roofs that can add value, security and comfort to your home.


We offer an extensive range of flat roof and pitched roof solutions.

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Discover how we design and test our innovative solutions.

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Peace of mind

Your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you will ever make. You have a right to know that its roof will properly protect all that sleep beneath it. We offer a beginning-to-end technical service, providing expert support throughout your design and build to ensure a problem-free installation. Each solution is also backed with comprehensive guarantees, giving you complete confidence that your roof will last a lifetime.

Understanding roofs

Understanding roofs

Roofing terminology can be a bit bewildering at first. Our handy guide helps to explain the different elements that make up a roof, from hip and valley joints, to membranes and rafters.

understanding roofs

A world of possibilities

Our roofing solutions are trusted by homeowners across the globe — creating welcoming and desirable homes, whatever your taste or budget. 

A greener future

A greener future

Our advanced, active roof solutions can help you to save money whilst cutting your carbon footprint down to size.
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