At BMI we understand that in private housebuilding, confidence and certainty, ease and simplicity need to fit together with quality and value, aesthetics and performance – all in one seamless solution.
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Giving housebuilders a partnership of perfect fit for over 100 years

From tile to tile, component to roof details, specification to solution. Everything we do works together to deliver the perfect fit for our customers. 

That’s why our approach to housebuilding projects is rooted in full-system thinking; offering complete roofing systems that give you the quality, value, aesthetics and performance you need, all in one seamless solution. 

  • Everything we do works together to deliver a perfect fit

  • Technical service and support at every stage

  • All-in-one seamless solution

  • Supporting energy-efficiency targets

Bringing your plans to life

Bringing your plans to life

Everything we do at BMI Redland is to give housebuilders the certainty, confidence and simplicity they need throughout the entire design, construction and approvals stage of your projects.
BMI Redland: Bringing your plans to lifeBMI Redland: Bringing your plans to life

BMI Redland Housebuilder brochure

BMI Redland Housebuilder brochure

The perfect fit of customisation and compatibility, our innovative full systems streamline specification and simplify installation for an easier project, every time.
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Your roof, our support.

Maximising new opportunities.

Between the growing demand for new homes and homeowners looking for more energy-efficient buildings, as well as government green initiatives, there are plenty of opportunities for housebuilders to make the most of. 


Supporting you from planning through to delivery.

At BMI Redland, we want to help housebuilders bring a development to completion, on time, in full and on budget. So, we support you from planning right through to delivery, with complete systems that simplify specification, and training and support that make your life easier. 

Our full spectrum of services, from our FixMaster online system through to our Solar PV products, helps to deliver absolute certainty on all your projects. 

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Our Solar PV range.

With the introduction of ‘Build Back Greener’, solar panels on roofs will grow in popularity. And it’s easy to see why, with roofs offering great locations to introduce solar technologies and homeowners wanting more energy-efficient homes. 

Our Solar PV InDaX Adapt in-roof photovoltaic system delivers high-output performance in an attractive and weathertight roof covering. It uses half-cut cell module technology, which provides improved performance that’s more reliable than traditional solar modules. 

InDaX Adapt new housing

Online fixing specification service.

One of the challenges of being a housebuilder is complying with UK building regulations. This includes BS 5534: 2014+A2: 2018, which is the current standard for calculating fixing specifications for roof slates and tiles in the UK. 

That’s why we offer a free-of-charge online fixing specification service, in the form of FixMaster Online. FixMaster supports roofing contractors, housebuilders and other customers when fixing Redland slates and tiles. 

Crossways BMI Redland Grovebury tile with Innofix Clip fixing

Facing challenges, together.

Planning approvals, specification creation, and site material management are just a few of the challenges that housebuilders face every day. 

On top of these challenges, there have been new regulations and environmental targets introduced in recent years. 

These include Part L of the Building Regulations, covering the Conservation of Fuel and Power, and the government’s ‘Build Back Greener’ strategy – which is setting a target for a decarbonised economy in 2050. 

The introduction of Part L requires new homes built from 2021 onwards to produce 31% lower carbon emissions. This means housebuilders need to adapt to new construction methods, technologies and building design. 

At BMI, we can support you with the quality, availability, and simplicity of our roofing systems, backed by expert advice and technical support. 

Housing developments

Partner with us.

Over the many years, we’ve supported house builders from the start of their project through to completion. Whatever project you’re working on, we can help. Take a look at some of our previous projects to see how we could support you. 

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Willow Tree

The Willow Tree Developments comprise of a number of luxury new build homes in a desirable Oxfordshire village. It was important that this project found a roofing solution to meet strict planning requirements.

“Rosemary is synonymous with the clay plain tile in Oxfordshire, blending craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness to best effect to streamline planning permission, and embed the new properties within the characteristic look of the local roofscape.”
Bicester Roofing


BMI Redland for housebuilders

From technical support on any of our systems, or information on how to specify or where to buy, see the links below.

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