In-Roof Solar Range

A roof can do so much more than offer protection from the elements. The expanse of a roof provides one of the best locations to introduce solar technologies and take advantage of the benefits that integrated solar can bring.

Helping you see further

An integrated solar PV solution can significantly reduce the carbon emissions of development when compared to other methods and technologies. Our comprehensive range of in-roof photovoltaic systems match performance with aesthetics and can be easily installed on new build or retrofit projects.

BMI Redland can help you see further, enabling you to create an integrated Solar PV roofing system that delivers real value to your project, from specialist support and designing the perfect fit to lifetime performance for your project, from a single trusted partner. Integrated in-roof solar PV Indax. Brought to you by BMI Redland.

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Find out more about the Redland PV InDaX Adapt system...

Find out more about the Redland PV InDaX Adapt system...

With its new PV InDaX Adapt system, BMI Redland provides an in-roof PV system that is compatible with its concrete, clay and slate tiles and can achieve any desired configuration type in portrait formats, whilst boasting high output performance.

InDaX Adapt new housing

Full system, full support

Full system, full support

We provide a complete and fully integrated solar PV, pitched roofing system design service, to help you build zero carbon ready homes that fulfil your carbon reduction targets.

We understand that not every development is the same and there is no one-size-fits-all approach: From initial site assessment and design through to completion, our technical services team will work with your architects, designers and energy assessors to develop the right pitched in-roof solar PV system for your development, according to your targets and development needs.

Ultimately – helping your team specify and fit a better roof, getting the job right the first time. Everything works better when it fits together: products and people. That’s why we make sure every system and every customer can enjoy the certainty, confidence and benefits of the perfect fit.

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BMI Redland InDaX Adapt PV brochure

BMI Redland InDaX Adapt PV brochure

With its new PV InDaX Adapt system, BMI Redland provides an in-roof PV system that is compatible with Redland tiles and can achieve any desired configuration, whilst boasting high output performance.
Redland PV InDaX Adapt roof solar panels brochure

Easy to install: Redland PV InDaX Adapt

Redland PV InDaX Adapt installation

Specify with confidence

System compatibility
The advantage of specifying and installing a complete BMI Redland roofing system is a simple fact of best fit. Every engineered component in the system, including tiles, fittings, components and accessories, is designed, tested and validated to complement each other, fixing with perfect strength, durability and compatibility. All elements of the system work together to form a roof that complies with all regulations, including BS 5534 and BS 8612.

Integrated design
Our pitched roof solar solutions go far beyond simply adding panels to a roof. Designed to integrate with the BMI Redland tiles, fittings and components, BMI pitched in-roof solutions feature a special fixing system that allows the panels to sit harmoniously within the tile system to deliver an easy to design and install, cost-effective solution that helps you meet your energy targets.

Roofing experience
Over a century of roofing experience stands behind you. We’ve been manufacturing pitched roofing systems for the UK’s largest specifiers, housebuilders and developers for decades. Our integrated solar solutions, technical services and standards ensure that new developments meet sustainability targets in the most effective way.

Certainty in testing
BMI Redland invests in additional stringent validation and testing processes. This provides housebuilders and developers with the evidence and reassurance that the specified BMI Redland roof provides best fit for the highest performance requirements.



EcoMaster is Redland's free-of-charge design and specification service. It correctly specifies all the Redland Solar Range components needed for your Solar PV project. Solar PV systems specified, installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with Redland instructions are covered by a Power Output Guarantee for the Solar Panel(s). EcoMaster projects are guaranteed weathertight and secure for 15 years when included as part of a SpecMaster project.