Willow Tree with Rosemary Clay Classic

Like any premium development, the housebuilder sought to create design-led properties that would appeal aesthetically as well as perform long-term, all while keeping cost-effectiveness and return on investment in mind.
Rosemary Clay Classic

The Project

The Willow Tree Developments project comprises a number of luxury 100m2 new-build homes in a desirable Oxfordshire village. Kicking off weeks before COVID-19 hit the UK, there were fears that the development would stall. But, thanks to a multi-party team – Willow Tree, Bicester Roofing and BMI Redland – keeping communication open and materials moving, the project stayed on track in the most challenging of circumstances.


Local Roofscape

Rosemary is synonymous with the clay plain tile in Oxfordshire, blending craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness to best effect to streamline planning permission, and embed the two new properties within the characteristic look of the local roofscape.”

Bicester Roofing



BMI Redland Rosemary Clay Classic gave our team the appealing aesthetics the client demanded, alongside easier cutting, handling and workability, to speed and simplify on-site installation.”

Bicester Roofing


The Challenge

The Challenge

The biggest factor impacting on the success of this project was, undoubtedly, the COVID-19 outbreak. There was a long and stable lead-up to the project, with planning and preliminary discussions taking place 12 months before work was due to start on-site. This gave the team ample time to scope and explore various roofing options, examine samples, and make informed decisions, meaning everything was in place to get the project off on the right foot. 

However, with the project kicking off just a matter of weeks before the pandemic was declared, it was inevitable that timelines would be stretched and the project at risk of delay. Which was why the role of communication and teamwork between client, contractor and manufacturer became more crucial than ever – and certainly just as vital as the quality of the products used.  


The Solution

The Solution

Given the heritage of the area and the wide use of clay plain tiles in Oxfordshire, the team specified BMI Redland Rosemary Clay Classic in the Burnt Blend finish. The tile delivers a premium roof aesthetic and makes it possible for the new development to blend effortlessly into the local landscape.

From closely collaborating with the local council and authorities to secure the relevant permissions, through to ensuring continuous availability of materials and that works could proceed as planned, the team acted in a unified way to overcome the challenges of working during lockdown – and keep things on track, no matter what.


The Impact

The Impact

The BMI Redland Rosemary Clay Classic plain tile was installed as per BMI Redland’s recommendations, with roofing felt installed as the underlay, followed by batten tiles, and then the Rosemary tiles themselves. Insulation was handled externally by the developer, and not by Bicester Roofing. Given the system’s ease of workability and intuitive installation, no additional training was required.

The full-system thinking underpinning Rosemary extended to accessories and fixings, as well as single-source support and a guarantee, giving the team the certainty that these roofs will perform and protect for generations. Which, at a time of uncertainty, was invaluable.


Rosemary Clay Classic System

Rosemary Clay Classic System

The Rosemary name is synonymous with quality clay plain tile. For over 175 years Rosemary has been adding character to British roofs. A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Rosemary Clay Classic tiles that is ideal for any new or refurbishment situation. The Rosemary Clay Classic tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key Features and benefits

  • Produced from the finest clays

  • Smooth and sanded finishes

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Colours include weathered, brindled and single colours

  • Heritage look with attributes and strengths of a brand new tile

rosemary clay classic system render placeholder