Keepers Cottage with Rosemary Clay Classic

Built as a re-creation of the two dilapidated cottages originally on the site, traditional materials were chosen to match this unique styling and reimagine the past.
Rosemary Clay Classic
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When JP Whelan Homes set out to create a new Tudor-inspired cottage, in the picturesque Bough Beech Reservoir area - nestled within Kentish countryside - stunning aesthetics were at the top of the list of priorities.

For this reason, BMI Redland’s Rosemary Clay Classic tiles were selected. Perfectly suited to Keeper’s Cottage, Rosemary gave a classic and timeless look to the property.



 “We always use BMI Redland because the quality is very good and they provide us with backup if anything ever goes wrong during a project”

Alan Wickham, JP Whelan Homes

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The Challenge

The Challenge

For construction, the project required enough Rosemary Clay Classic tiles to tile both the main house and the double garage, along with a plethora of other materials, so logistics were never going to be simple.

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The Solution

The Solution

By matching the cottage’s red brickwork with a Medium Mixed Brindle tile colour on the vertical tiling, a variable mix of medium-toned brindled clay, and a contrasting sanded Russet Mix colour on the roof, developer JP Whelan was able to create a truly striking effect. 

With BMI Redland tiles, it was possible to create a home which paid homage to its Tudor past while also enjoying a build quality only possible in modern times.

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Rosemary Clay Classic System

Rosemary Clay Classic System

The Rosemary name is synonymous with quality clay plain tile. For over 175 years Rosemary has been adding character to British roofs. A system designed for mono or duo pitched roofs, using Rosemary Clay Classic tiles that is ideal for any new or refurbishment situation. The Rosemary Clay Classic tile provides a practical, durable and cost effective roofing solution for years to come.

Key Features and benefits

  • Produced from the finest clays

  • Smooth and sanded finishes

  • Peace of mind with complete system from one trusted supplier

  • Colours include weathered, brindled and single colours

  • Heritage look with attributes and strengths of a brand new tile

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