FixMaster: Pitched Roof Fixing Specification Tool

BMI Redland believes that finding the correct roof tile fixing specification should be a quick and seamless process. FixMaster offers a fast, free-of-charge, convenient solution.
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FixMaster online fixing spec tool

If you require a roof tile fixing specification for your next roofing project, the BMI Redland FixMaster tool offers a fast, cost-effective, convenient solution. 

Our efficient free-of-charge FixMaster service speeds up the specification process, allowing users to determine the correct tile and slate fixings in just seven simple steps.

As many contractors and specifiers know, roof coverings should be fixed in accordance with BS 5534:2014+A2:2018. Our simple-to-use service ensures that your chosen pitched roof fixings are fully compliant with British Standards, calculating fixing specifications to BS 5534:2014+A2:2018 to provide full peace of mind.

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Safe, High Performing Pitched Roof Fixings for Your Project

Safe, High Performing Pitched Roof Fixings for Your Project

Not only does FixMaster ensure the highest safety and quality standards are delivered, but our roof tile fixing specification tool also takes all relevant factors into account from geometry to location and exposure, providing you with a full working document to be used for  on-site supervision.

To generate your roof tile fixing specification with our time-saving FixMaster service, simply register with BMI Redland's online service at any time and enter the details of your project, following our simple step by step process. You can download your fixing spec or log back in at any time to view any fixing specifications you’ve created.

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Generate your roof fixing spec

Generate your roof fixing spec

Please note: 
FixMaster roof tile specification calculations assume that your site is not more than halfway up a steep hill or in a town and bordered by open space, nor surrounded by tall buildings. A slope is considered to form a steep hill if the land rises or falls by more than 50m over 1km, i.e. has more than 5% gradient.

Tall buildings would include tower blocks, clock towers in the town, cooling towers etc. within 500m.

Bordered by open space in a town means your site in the town is bordered by more than 20m of open land on any side.

If any of these conditions apply contact our BMI Redland Technical Services team.

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Create your free FixMaster roof fixing specification now

Create your free FixMaster roof fixing specification now

Login or Register with FixMaster today to receive a safe, simple and instant fixing specification for your slating/tiling project.

Or for further support, contact our expert BMI Redland Technical Services team today.
T:  0330 123 4585

FixMaster free roof fixing specification

Redland for housebuilders: A partnership of perfect fit.

Redland for housebuilders: A partnership of perfect fit.

Everything we do at BMI Redland is to give housebuilders the certainty, confidence and simplicity they need throughout the entire design, construction and approvals stage of a project.

The perfect fit of customisation and compatibility, our innovative full systems streamline specification and simplify installation for an easier project, every time.

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