With more than 150 years in the roofing and waterproofing industry, we know the difference between a good roof and a great roof.
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The scene for sustainability

The construction and manufacturing industries have been under the sustainability spotlight, and for good reason. Collectively, we have an enormous impact on the environment, with significant global carbon emissions coming from building and construction.

As an industry, we’ve already made huge strides in a range of fields, from education and awareness to recycling materials, to redesigning processes to be more sustainable.

But we must do more.

Building today to protect tomorrow

People. Planet. Product.

Building today to protect tomorrow

The BMI Point of view

Two of the most important factors for a great roof are quality solutions and experienced
professionals. Without these, building great roofs simply wouldn’t be possible. But there's a third factor that has less to do with roofing and waterproofing and all to do with the people who live, work, and play under, on, and around our roofs.

These people are our partners, our customers, our employees, and the communities that surround us - just to mention a few. And at BMI, we believe that we have a distinct responsibility to each and every one of these people. This responsibility includes always doing our best and constantly raising the bar. Not just when it comes to roofing and waterproofing, but when it comes to projects and initiatives with a broader societal and environmental impact as well. As a result, we're on a journey of continual improvement, pushing for positive
change in a number of different areas.

We do it when we develop greener and more sustainable solutions to benefit the environment and future generations. We do it when we reduce our water usage and make sure our materials are sourced responsibly. We do it when we volunteer to assist the local communities we are an integral part of. We do it when we embrace and encourage diversity in all layers of our business – from factory floors to corner offices. And we do it when we promote a Health & Safety culture to make sure everyone we work with remains on top of their game – physically as well as mentally. These are just a few examples of how responsibility is deeply rooted in our DNA – a responsibility we take on not because we have to, but because we believe in protecting what matters most for tomorrow, for everyone.

Justin Skala
CEO, BMI Group

A common goal

A common goal

Protecting Tomorrow is our approach to achieving more sustainable manufacturing, operations and products.

We’re working across the business to address all of our sustainability opportunities
and challenges. By connecting people from different countries, brands and departments, sustainability becomes a joint responsibility that we all share.

We want the actions we take today to protect our people and planet tomorrow. We know
that all of our choices, big or small, can add up to a huge impact in the years to come.

BMI Laboratory

What sustainability means to us

What sustainability means to us

Sustainability is so much more than innovation around products and systems. It’s an attitude and a frame of mind, informing our approach to every aspect of our business. Most importantly, it’s a journey, one where we’re always pushing to do better.

We feel strongly that we should measure ourselves against the three key impacts
of climate change: social, environmental, and economic. These impacts were outlined in a seminal piece of climate literature, Lord Stern’s 2006 Stern Review1. They also form the basis of an important concept: the ‘triple bottom line’. The triple bottom line is the idea that businesses shouldn’t measure their success on profit alone, but on their social and environmental impact too.

Sustainability landscape

People. Planet. Product.

People. Planet. Product.

People, Planet, and Product align with the UN sustainable development goals, which act as a common blueprint for organisations around the world to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

People. From training and development to helping others and leading the way against discrimination, BMI is committed to addressing the social aspect of sustainability across the globe.

Planet. From deploying wind-generated energy at our Cambrian slate manufacturing facility in Wales, to repurposing energy produced by different manufacturing processes and finding smarter ways to use technology, at BMI group, we're always looking at new ways that we can address the environmental impact of sustainability.

Product. The green opportunity, making more of your roof. From the adoption of green roofs into building designs, to blue roofs that aid stormwater management, Redland in-roof solar solutions and Icopal Noxite membranes that can reduce air pollution, BMI is pioneering new ways to combat sustainability in the built environment.

people Planet Product graphic

Sustainable solutions from BMI

Roofs are rich with potential. They can provide diverse natural habitats, transform sunlight into power and help to keep living spaces comfortable without wasting energy. BMI looks to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our practice, from the materials we use to the solutions we create. For all styles of roof - pitched, flat, traditional and modern - we can introduce technologies that will benefit specifiers, installers, owners and the environment.