We are BMI

BMI is a new name, backed-up with over 180 years of experience and knowledge. Bringing together industry-leaders and their expertise in the specification, manufacture and supply of pitched and flat roofing solutions; united to deliver excellence for our customers.
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What’s in a roof?

At BMI, that’s something we think about all the time. Everything we do, every day, explores and answers this question. 

We think a roof is far more than just a collection of products protecting a building. It protects people, businesses, lifestyles and whole communities. It can be turned into an additional living space, a playground, a garden or even a source of renewable energy. So when we think about a roof, we think about what’s beneath it, on it, and all around it. There’s more to roofs than meets the eye and we’re here to help you see the potential.

A World of Support and Services

A World of Support and Services

Dedicated Training: Our BMI Academy helps contractors, merchants and specifiers develop new skills and learn to install out roofs efficiently and effectively. 

A great choice of Guarantees: For each of our solutions we offer a range of guarantee levels, from the basic product to comprehensive systems.

Every day support: We offer advice on a wide range of subjects including; BIM objects and guidance, design advice and calculations, supply chain management, product and technical support and tips for safer, faster and easier installation. 

When and where you need us: We’re always here to assist; from support for architectural design and sustainability , to cost-effective installation and guaranteed performance - so if you need us on site, in your office or remotely, our local teams are available.

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We are BMI

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