Noxite is a smart, sustainable bitumen flat roof waterproofing membrane that removes harmful airborne pollutants and provides a cleaner, healthier environment around the building.
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Noxite bituminous waterproofing membrane not only delivers a high-quality flat roof, but also uses sun, wind, and rain to transform harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrates. The key is the granular titanium dioxide finish which, when activated by UV radiation from the sun, converts nitrogen oxide particles (carried by polluted air) into nitrates, which are then washed away by rainfall. The result is a highly effective means of reducing a building’s environmental impact, with Noxite continuing to work for the entire life of the roofing membrane.

In 2009 the French CNRS awarded Noxite a “Green Pass’ Innovation” award for its de-polluting characteristics. The BBA assessed the test reports and confirmed that tests show Noxite granules have a significant depolluting capacity when added as a mineral finish to waterproofing membranes.

Independent testing has proven that Noxite membranes can break down up to 90% of the NOx absorbed from the surrounding air within two months of their installation.* Even more impressively, these effects last the lifetime of the roof: over a 20-year period, the membranes may absorb and break down over 4 kilograms of NOx per square metre of roof.

With its proven performance, Noxite provides a significant opportunity to reduce air pollution in both new and existing structures—all while maintaining the superior protection, durability and innovation that BMI’s roofing solutions are known for.

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