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distribution partners

Support, service and choice

There are three things your customer needs. Support in finding the right solution for their project, service in providing materials and expertise when they are needed, and choice, so that they can be confident they have what they really want, not just what they can get.

Our aim is to make it easy for our valued partners to provide all three, with full technical, sales and marketing support, application training, product updates and smart logistics.

Members of our technical team are available at any time during working hours to answer queries on all aspects of roofing and waterproofing design, or best practice.

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Guarantees are all part of the service - learn what assurance we can offer. 

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Keeping things moving

Keeping things moving

Stock needs to earn its place in the warehouse. We invest in our brands to make sure they keep their market leading position, driving demand and creating good stock turn. We anticipate your needs with efficient logistics to make sure that the supply of products is reliable. We develop product-on-pallet configurations that maximise space, both on the shelf and in transit. Your priorities are our concern.

keeping things moving

Adding value

Adding value

There are many ways to create added value, both for your customers and for your business, whether it’s by highlighting ancillary products to create whole system solutions, or by offering advice. We support you with training and technical expertise, enabling you to provide the highest levels of service, to grow customer trust and loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.


Staying one step ahead

Staying one step ahead

The expertise within BMI has been behind many of the most significant innovations in roofing today, producing systems that have been tried and proven all around the world. Keep up with the latest developments and see what more you could offer.