Synthetic Membranes

Our modern, flexible and lightweight single-ply waterproofing solutions are easy to install with excellent sustainable credentials.
synthetic membranes on the flat roof

Durability meets simplicity

BMI Group’s synthetic roofing membranes and accessories deliver efficient yet lightweight roofing systems which are quick, easy, and safe to install on new build and refurbished flat- or curved-roof projects in a variety of sectors. Also referred to as single-ply roofing, these systems can meet challenging design briefs whilst delivering excellent thermal insulation and airtightness, reducing a building's carbon footprint and providing long-lasting protection.


For more information about which technologies are best suited to your region and application, please visit your dedicated country page or speak to our technical team.

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Assured performance with PVC membranes

If you are looking for a tried and tested flat-roof system with a proven track record of high performance, our PVC membranes may be the perfect solution. Over the past 30 years, our PVC single-ply roofing membranes have been used to cover roofs on a variety of building types. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, public or private, they offer a flexible and lightweight waterproofing solution with excellent strength and weathering qualities suitable for all kind of roofs, from ballasted green roofs to mechanically or adhered roof applications. Different formulations are available to suit particular project demands; from systems that support a fully-adhered application necessary for steep or undulating roof designs, to non-wicking polyester fabric with strong tensile strength, facilitating the use of steel fasteners to prevent wind-uplift.

Layers of performance create enduring protection

Layers of performance create enduring protection

Your roof is only as strong as the layers of performance that create it. So BMI EverGuard TPO /FPO takes a structured approach. A layer of innovation in technology and design to ensure advanced performance and visibly great outcomes. A layer of industry expertise makes EverGuard easy to install and quick to repay your investment. A layer of outstanding service delivers exceptional technical support, contractor training and guarantees.

And a layer of high performance BMI insulation reduces energy bills. It all adds up to long term protection for your investment assets and people

BMI EverGuard is a flat roof system with a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane, complete with a layer of BMI insulation, BMI VCL, BMI Drill-Tec fasteners and an extended range of accessories installed on more than 300 million square metres of roofs across the world
Manufactured from thermo plastic polythene and flexible polyolefins, these membranes provide exceptional weather resistance and protection against extreme heat or cold. These attributes allow them to remain virtually unchanged throughout their serviceable life. They are inherently flexible and malleable, making them easy to install on all shapes and sizes of roof.

Their inherent durability also means that they are compatible with a variety of roofing systems. This makes them ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, with guidance from our technical department. Also, as TPO membranes are resistant to micro-organism attack, they are suitable for use in buried applications such as ballasted roofs, without the need for special grades of membrane.


Fixed for success

We understand that different roofs require different approaches, and that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. This is why products within our synthetic system range are reinforced and available with or without a fleece backing to provide scope for all methods of application, such as mechanically fastened, adhered or loose laid and ballasted. All seams are heat welded to form a complete and durable roofing membrane system, giving superior protection against leaks.

Supporting sustainability

Supporting sustainability

To support the growing demand for sustainable construction, we have developed durable membranes whose thin yet robust design means that raw material use is kept to a minimum and the rolls are easily transportable. 

Our synthetic roofing systems can also be easily adapted to create a thriving green roof solution that can improve the biodiversity of our cities and the quality of life of occupants. 

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