BMI guarantees

Our guarantee options offer long-term protection for complete peace of mind for customers and roofing contractors alike.
BMI guarantees

Protect your assets with a roof

Certifications aren’t just paperwork. They’re value drivers. By lowering insurance premiums and mitigating the risk from external factors such as fire, hail, heat and ice to foot traffic and more; properly certified solutions can have a significant impact on your portfolio by ensuring operational continuity. Naturally, BMI solutions hold the relevant certifications sought by value-seeking Corporate Real Estate Managers.

The right roof looks after your property longer. Combine state-ofthe-art BMI technologies with specifi c certifi cations such as BROOF and you can, for example, reduce the risk of fi re. Better protection for your buildings, your employees, and your business. 

BMI support every stage of a property’s life cycle. From expert guidance of our technical team and detailed fi les from our specifi cation team, to experienced installation from BMI RoofPro qualifi ed installers, executing work under BMI supervision. And to future-proof your investment, BMI commits to recommending the best maintenance programmes and new roofi ng options. 

We’re committed to long-term performance. It’s why we relentlessly push our systems to deliver the longest possible service-life and lead the way for future guarantees. It’s why we provide a 20-year Silver durability guarantee on materials and workmanship. And it’s why the British Board of Agrément (BBA) awarded our double layer bitumen system an extended 35-year service life statement. 

With Factory Mutual and locally certifi ed designs ensuring dependable roofs over time, corporations can focus on their core business. These best practices also lead to lower claim rates – thereby lowering insurance premiums. 

Maintenance and repair contracts change hands. RFID tracking makes sure essential material and installation information are safely in those everswapping hands. As industry leaders in RFID roof tracking, a growing selection of BMI roof materials are tracking-tag chipped at manufacture. 

Ever-evolving industry standards put considerable pressure on property owners. The BMI response? To raise our own standards even higher. Often well beyond those required by building regulations. In the BMI Technical Centre, bestin-class technology puts all our products and systems through the most demanding tests. Only those meeting our tough standards, often well beyond regulation requirements, become part of the BMI offering.

BMI guarantee options

When you design, construct or commission a roof, you expect it to last. At BMI, we invest heavily into making sure every roofing product, system and solution is as enduring as possible, from quality-controlled production and sourcing of best materials to extensive testing. This focus on quality is extended with our three guarantee options. We never promise anything we cannot deliver, offering real value and ongoing peace of mind for our customers.


Encompassing everything from the durability of the roofing system to the quality of installation and ongoing maintenance, this is our most comprehensive guarantee option. Designed to protect both the property owner and the roofing contractor, this package offers complete assurance in the reliability of your BMI roofing solution and is the ideal choice to safeguard your home or business. We have the confidence to offer this comprehensive package thanks to our BMI roofing installer training through our local roofing partnership programmes, ensuring roofers can install our products following our detailed installation guidelines to meet our high standards.

Our edge-to-edge guarantee of durability to resist against water ingress of the product system, covering the products, system and installation failures.


Our system guarantee gives building owners and roofers confidence in the compatibility and long-term performance of their BMI roofing system, offering edge-to-edge assurance of durability, resistance to water ingress, and covering an unlikely failure of the product system.


Our single-product guarantee has been developed to ensure every BMI product used in a roofing application will perform as expected. Our product guarantees support our membranes, tiles and components providing peace of mind that our products will protect you and your property.

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Verified performance

All our products, systems and solutions are developed and tested to surpass even the strictest of standards.

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Supporting our roofers

Supporting our roofers

BMI guarantees are tailored to suit the requirements of each country and each project. Our broad guarantee options are just one of the ways we are supporting roofing contractors to drive value and quality in every project. Find out more about BMI roofing partners.

supporting our roofers