Clay tiles

The natural charm of clay tiles means they are as popular today as they were 200 years ago.
The Plain House with Clay tiles

Natural choice

Created from premium materials using modern manufacturing methods, our clay tiles capture the quality and craft of their handmade predecessors, imbuing roofs with warmth and character. Their cutting-edge composition ensures they retain their original appearance for longer than traditional alternatives. Dry fix support options can speed up and streamline installations on new and existing properties, whilst watertight underlays and high-performance insulation help to create a comfortable internal environment. All elements of our clay tile roof solutions are tested and designed to give, not just value and visual appeal, but also long-lasting performance.

Clay Tiles

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Concrete provides a robust solution.

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Metal for a lightweight solution.

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Design options

Because no two properties are the same, we have developed an extensive catalogue of tiles and ancillaries. From flowing curves to simple lines, our extensive range of profiles adds interest and personality to a building, complemented by our selection of ornamental ridges and finials. These are available in a choice of colours and patterns, and are accompanied by a variety of ridge, verge and eave support systems, along with insulation, breather membrane and guttering options which can aid installation and performance. The wide range of different finishes and detailed components gives designers the freedom to carefully craft each roof for a bespoke, high quality aesthetic. 

Award-winning innovation

Award-winning innovation

BMI is constantly looking for ways to take our roofing solutions to the next level, from colour-safe pigmentation processes, dry verge developments or ventilation solutions, to giving contractors a helping hand. For example, our award-winning tile clip system allows tiles to be installed without the need for specialist tools, speeding up installations by as much as 40%.

award-winning innovation

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Blending traditional and modern

Blending traditional and modern

A family of self-builders used our Rosemary Craft Collection tiles to meet strict planning requirements.
past meets present at home