Bitumen Membranes

Traditional membrane systems developed to offer the latest in flat-roof technology on a range of building types and surfaces.
bitumen membranes

 The breadth of bitumen

We believe that finding the right solution can not only transform your roof, but the building itself and the lives of the occupants. Our cost-effective range of reinforced bitumen flat roofing systems have been developed to meet the requirements of any flat roofing project. From traditional membranes and underlays suitable for both DIY and professional applications, to truly innovative solutions for experienced roofing teams that deliver the very best in sustainable technology, thermal and fire performance, and striking aesthetics. Offering guaranteed performance, specifiers can select high quality products suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates. All our membranes can also be supplied with high-performance insulation, vapour barriers and all the fixings essential for a roof system that is built to last.

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Innovative installation

Innovative installation

Quality of installation is fundamental to ensuring a roof will last. We have developed advanced technologies that help roofers to achieve a high-quality finish with our bitumen systems, whatever method of installation is required.

The patented Groove Technology in our torch-on bitumen roofing membranes allows installers to use 25% less gas, and enables significantly faster application than traditional torch-on membranes. Meanwhile, our Stripe Technology has been specially designed to dissipate any moisture vapour that may be trapped within the roofing system, reducing the risk of pressure pockets.

The development of our thermically-activated and self-adhesive bitumen has also been an important advancement in fire safe bitumen membrane technology. Manufactured using a modified elastomeric bitumen to the upper surface combined with a high-tack, low-activation self-adhesive lower surface, these membranes allow combustible and sensitive substrates and details to be covered cold, without the use of torches. This keeps all surfaces free from fire risk during application, whilst providing a safe, fast and versatile installation method. 

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innovative installation

Be fire smart

Be fire smart

Protecting your home, business or public space is top of our agenda. As well as designing solutions which offer excellent weather-proofing and guaranteed long-term performance, we have also invested considerably in the development and testing of systems that can shield against the spread of flame and prevent fire penetration. Approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), whose standards are used by many insurance companies when assessing potential fire risk, our FireSmart roofing system features a capsheet that does not support flame and emits minimal smoke.

Be fire smartBe fire smart

Healthy roof, healthy people

Healthy roof, healthy people

A roof that can absorb urban air pollution sounds like something from a utopian science fiction novel. But, with our smart Noxite membrane this can be a reality for your home or business. With the same high-performance attributes and easy installation as our typical bituminous waterproofing capsheets, Noxite incorporates TiO2 (titanium dioxide) granules that transform harmful NOx (nitrogen oxide) pollutants created by road transport, manufacturing and power production into harmless nitrates at lower levels than you’d find in bottled water. This state-of-the-art process remains active for the entire lifespan of the roof, providing a continual investment for the future. 

Learn how Vodafone used the roofspace at its new head office in Milan to improve the surrounding air quality.

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Advanced ancillaries

Advanced ancillaries

Enhance the potential of your roof with our range of ancillary products, from rooflights to fall safety systems.

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advanced ancillaries