Residential roofs

Homes are places where we can relax, entertain and thrive. BMI residential roof solutions form a protective canopy which can enhance and enrich home life.
residential roofs

Advanced solutions

Whether it be a city apartment block, countryside cottage or flat-roofed beach house, BMI solutions can help you to unlock the true potential of people's homes. We can turn an existing roof into a power generator with sustainable solar panels, keep living spaces cooler with advanced tile surface technology, create distinctive or authentically traditional features with our broad range of options, and much more. We tailor each solution to your particular needs, including the choice of insulation and membranes, ensuring all elements of the roof work together in harmony.

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Whether you are a self builder or a developer we can provide services to support you.


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Up to the test

Up to the test

Roofs bear the brunt of the weather. All our solutions are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand both daily wear and challenging conditions.
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Added value

Whether you’re refurbishing an existing home or building from scratch, a roof is a significant investment. BMI are committed to ensuring you receive full value for money. Our far-reaching system guarantees provide clear peace of mind for homeowners and developers alike.