Pitched Roof Systems

For almost a century, BMI has been crafting clay, concrete and metal solutions which enhance the performance, functionality and beauty of pitched roofs.
our pitched roofs solutions

A roof to thrive under

The silhouette of a pitched roof evokes thoughts of home and comfort for many people. BMI solutions blend the rich heritage of the traditional pitched roof with all the advantages of modern production technology including enhanced breather membranes, integrated guttering and dry-fix verge systems.

Our innovative clay and concrete tiles are highly durable, providing an adaptable and authentic, high-quality feel. We also offer lightweight metal tile options, enabling faster, simpler and more cost-effective installations. All our solutions are designed and tested to work perfectly together, allowing seamless integration of elements such as solar technologies and high-performance insulation, for the added value of lower energy bills and a better quality of life.

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About flat and pitched roof systems

A complete package

A complete package

For a roof to reach its potential, all its components must work in harmony. We design complete solutions in order to simplify specification and installation which helps to ensure your roof will continue to meet your expectations. For added peace of mind, each solution can be supplied with comprehensive guarantees covering both installation and long-term performance.

complete package

Harnessing the sun

Our pitched roof solar solutions go far beyond simply adding panels to a roof. We think not only in terms of the photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal modules themselves, but how they can integrate with the tiles, insulation and other components to deliver clean energy without compromising on aesthetics. Our premium in-roof solutions feature a special substructure which allows them to sit harmoniously amongst our popular tile models for a sleek yet traditional look. Meanwhile new high-performance flat solar collectors, with improved efficiency and optimised design, offer extreme weather resistance and high yields – even in the dark months of winter.

Family Life Thrives under Solar Roof

Family Life Thrives under Solar Roof

A contemporary family home in Germany prepares for the future with our integrated solar roof solution.
life in Deining

Our pitched roof technologies

Our innovative concrete tile solutions open a world of new possibilities for designers and installers.