Flat roof systems

From high-performance membranes to flexible liquid-applied solutions, our portfolio of waterproofing systems unlocks the potential of flat roofs
Flat roof systems

Carving the future with flat roofing

With their clean lines and practical additional space, flat roofs are an increasing popular choice for all kinds of buildings, ranging from industrial to residential. As the leading supplier of high-quality systems for a variety of applications, we know what it takes to make your roof go beyond providing a protective shelter under which life and business can thrive. Whether you want to create extra living space for your family, reduce your company’s carbon footprint with improved insulation, or even create a garden space for the whole community, we have the right solution for your project.


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Rethink roofs

One roof, one supplier

One roof, one supplier

For a roof to perform at its full potential, all of its components must work in harmony. For this reason, BMI design and supply not only the membranes, but complete flat roof solutions. From high performance insulation and vapor control membranes, to integrated gutters, security systems, skylights and smoke ventilation openings, we tailor each design to the project requirements. This allows simpler specification and installation, ensuring your roof will continue to meet expectations throughout your building’s lifespan.

As all the components are developed and supplied by us, we can offer unrivalled guarantees covering both installation and long-term performance. 

What level of guarantee is right for you?

As all the components are developed and supplied by us, we can offer long-term guarantees covering both installation and waterproofing performance.

energy efficient flat roof

Strong and sustainable

Strong and sustainable

With the effects of climate change becoming more widely known, it has never been more important to construct buildings with sustainability and durability in mind. We are proud of our strong environmental credentials, both in the ways we conduct our business and those offered by our products.

Our range of flat roof eco-technologies can help you embrace the benefits of sustainable construction, from well-insulated and airtight roofs which help to reduce energy demand and costs to advanced solutions that will enable you to generate your own electricity, harvest rainwater, reduce pollution and improve the biodiversity of our cities.

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Bespoke solutions

Whether you are an architect researching an ambitious design idea, a developer looking to enhance your properties’ efficiency, a contractor wanting to increase your offering or a homeowner looking for a perfect solution for your home, BMI is here to help. Our far-reaching experience and ever-expanding product offering give us the tools to be able to advise on, and even create, solutions tailored to your exact requirements, helping you achieve your building vision without compromise.


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Cleaning the airways

Cleaning the airways

Using eco-technology at its core, the Vodafone Village in Milan is designed to bring the benefits of community and a healthy environment to its employees.

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