Non-residential roofs

Ambition, resilience and innovation are what drive businesses and organisations forward. We believe the same should be true of your roof.
Non-Residential Roofs

A roof that works as hard as you do

Whether you are refurbishing an existing property or creating something new, BMI Group’s vast experience and array of high-performance system options can help you make the most of your investment. Decades of knowledge and experience of working with non-residential customers in a range of sectors enables us to see further, driving us to develop the best technologies for durability, energy-efficiency and sustainability in our broad range of solutions.

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Whatever sector you are in, we have the solutions to take your development to the next level.

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Safeguard your assets

Safeguard your assets

With increasingly-extreme weather patterns leaving many property owners with costly repair bills, it is vital that all roofing systems meet the highest durability standards. Our advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous testing programmes push the performance of our systems far beyond legal requirements and norms. This ensures that they will stand up to even the most challenging conditions, keeping your building and its contents safe whatever the weather. 

For further peace of mind, many of our products and systems come with extended warranties.

safeguard your assets

Maximise your roof's potential

Maximise your roof's potential

When is a roof more than a roof? When it is a sustainable power station, an air-purifying centre, a natural respite in the heart of the city, or simply a place to park your car. From surfaces with enhanced structural attributes, to energy-generating solar solutions and bespoke green and blue roof coverings, to pioneering membranes that can destroy toxic pollutants in the air, BMI offers a variety of supplementary technologies designed to take your roof to the next level. 

These have been designed to seamlessly integrate with our high-performance, insulated roofing systems to provide a complete solution that will deliver long-term benefits for people, the planet and your pocket.

maximise your roof's potential