Protecting your assets

Properly certified roofing solutions can reduce insurance premiums, and improve operational continuity to make sure your roof remains a valuable asset.
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protecting your assets

How can a roof help to protect your assets?

As a Corporate Real Estate Manager or property owner, investing in roofing is about so much more than just keeping out the elements. The right roofing solutions can have a positive impact on your portfolio, as well as lowering your insurance premiums through reducing claim rates, and improving operational continuity to make sure your roof remains a valuable and serviceable asset.

Naturally, BMI solutions hold relevant specific certifications sought by value-seeking Corporate Real Estate Managers. This means your property and business will be protected from external factors such as hail, heat, ice, or foot traffic, while also ensuring operational continuity.

To speak to someone for help and advice about your project design, specification and budget or for information about site inspections and maintenance programs, please email us.

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As your trusted partners in roofing, we’ll be by your side, ensuring you’re protected and supported through guarantees and maintenance programmes

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Going above and beyond to improve roof safety

Going above and beyond to improve roof safety

The right roof will look after your property, employees and business - for example, reducing the risk of fire. We use state of the art technology together with specific certifications, such as BRoof, to make sure your roofing is safe and durable. 

Ever-evolving industry standards put pressure on property owners to upgrade or continually improve building technologies. That’s why we set our standards even higher than those required by building regulations and push our systems to deliver the longest possible service-life.

In our Technical Centre we go above and beyond the requirements, by subjecting our products to extreme tests for fire behaviour, weather resistance and heavy wind loads. We’re even able to go so far as to test how our roofing solutions will behave in different climates across the world - so wherever your business is based, you can be sure that your building will be protected.

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Our guarantees

We’re leading the way with our dedication to quality and long-term performance for all of our roofing solutions. That’s why we offer a range of product guarantee options, so no matter how big or small your roofing project is, you can rest assured that quality and durability will always be at the forefront of any work we do.

All of our installers are BMI RoofPro certified, meaning you can expect the highest standards of workmanship, and our industry-beating guarantee options offer you peace of mind that your building and business will be protected in the long term.

We offer:

  • BMI product guarantee: Our product guarantee supports our membranes, tiles and components, to ensure that every BMI product performs as expected.

  • BMI system guarantee: The BMI system guarantee covers any unlikely failure of your roofing system and materials, and gives you confidence in its long-term resistance to water leakage and all-round durability.

  • BMI solution guarantee: Our most comprehensive guarantee option, the BMI solution guarantee covers everything from the durability of the roofing system, to installation and future maintenance. As a property owner or Corporate Real Estate Manager, this package offers you complete assurance in the reliability of your roofing solution as well as the standards of our installers.

Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

At BMI, we support every stage of your property’s life cycle right from the beginning. Our technical and specification teams offer guidance and detailed files in the design and planning phases of your roofing project. RoofPro qualified installers then carry out the work under BMI supervision, to ensure the highest standards are always being met.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also commit to recommending the best maintenance programmes to protect the value of your portfolio.

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RFID enhanced roofs

RFID enhanced roofs

As industry leaders, a growing number of BMI roofing materials are chipped with RFID tracking tags when they’re manufactured. This means that once your roof has been installed, individual materials can be scanned for product information and specifications.

In a world where maintenance and repair contracts regularly change hands, this can be extremely useful for making sure all the essential material and installation information is easily available and accessible for the lifetime of your roof.

rfid enhanced roofs