Environmental sustainability

We are working to create a cleaner, better and more sustainable built environment one roof at a time.
Environmental sustainability

A brighter outlook

Roofs are rich with potential to support our natural world. They can provide diverse natural habitats, transform sunlight into power and help to keep living spaces comfortable without wasting energy. BMI looks to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our practice, from the materials we use to the solutions we create. For all styles of roof - old world traditional or cutting edge modern - we can introduce technologies which will benefit specifiers, installers, owners and the environment.

Reducing demand

Having an energy efficient roof means different things depending on the design of your building, how you use it and where it is in the world. We can develop our roofing solutions around your needs to achieve the best result. High performance insulation can reduce reliance on heating in cooler climates, whilst new innovations such as our Protegon range of tiles can help to keep spaces cool without the need for air conditioning. We can also integrate a variety of daylighting options to create inviting, naturally-lit spaces.


In Action

Discover how our solutions are already helping to create energy-efficient roofs in all parts of the world.

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Green roofs

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Solar roofs

Cleaner power

Cleaner power

The open expanse of a roof provides one of the best locations to introduce solar technologies and take advantage of ‘free’ energy from the sun. Our comprehensive range of roof-integrated photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar thermal technologies match performance with beauty and can be easily installed on new or refurbished roofs.

cleaner power

Improved longevity

Improved longevity

One of the most effective ways to reduce our impact on the planet is by simply ensuring our roofs last longer. All BMI solutions are exposed to rigorous testing at our specialist centre, simulating the effects of daily weathering and extreme conditions. We also think carefully about how our products are packaged and installed, reducing the chance of breakages and waste during installations.

Furthermore, we are committed to achieving environmental product declaration (EPD) status for our core solutions. This provides clear, independently verified information about their life-cycle environmental impact.

improved longevity

Protected environments

Protected environments

Green roofs are helping to bring colour and natural diversity back to even the most crowded city spaces. Our solutions can support not only grasses but larger plants including trees, creating parks in the sky which both people and wildlife can enjoy. Our advanced membranes also help to retain and manage rainwater, minimising the need for watering or maintenance.

protected environments