KTM’s new House of Brands

KTM’s new House of Brands in the Innviertel region in Austria reflects all the quality elements of this global player in the motorcycle business. Precision, performance and elegance mesh virtually seamlessly at the highest level.
Industrial Bulding Roof Types

Transparent roofs for industrial buildings

Transparent roofs are frequently used in cases where the building is a key means of transmitting a strong identity.
For example, in addition to housing production and storage facilities, corporate buildings typically must also represent the corporate brand values of the company. The search for particularly creative architectural forms and lines requires solutions able to respond to the requirements of the initial design.

Combining transparency with functionality is a complex challenge that must, on the one hand, guarantee an aesthetic impact, while on the other, ensure optimum performance of the roof, the key function of which is to protect the persons and property within the building and therefore guarantee the durability of the real estate asset.

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Unique architecture

Master workmanship with a long-lasting focus

KTM’s philosophy is “ready to race” and can be found in the company’s innovative technologies, uncompromising functionality and a motoring experience which is second-to-none. Such performance is only possible with a highly motivated workforce, as Florian Knecht (Member of the KTM AG Board) affirms: “Satisfied co-workers are a key component to our success. That’s why – thanks to the House of Brands – we’ll be creating an interactive and inspirational workplace environment alongside numerous other benefits.

With the help of open, modern architecture, we’re able to drive interdisciplinary cooperation for complex projects. On top of that, we also feel it’s important that this architecture reflects our company culture: the environment shouldn’t just motivate and enable our co-workers to achieve their potential better, it should also help overall work-life balance”.

All these strengths were heeded when creating the new House of Brands explains architect Peter Wimmesberger of Hofbauer Architects in Wels: “This type of major project is only possible when you can bring together visionary goals with technical know-how as part of the overall planning. It’s the only way to have such a specialist construction as a 950 square metre glass ceiling overlooking a bright atrium without going over the budget. And that’s only possible when you work with the very best specialists. As a planner, of course I also have to understand the actual work involved in making my ideas and concepts become a reality”.
The House of Brands, with a total surface area of 8,100 square metres, is another step in KTM’s commitment to the Innviertel region. The company’s strong regional links can also be seen in the companies it chose to work with: the remaining 2,300 square metres of roof area was entrusted to local company Ortig located in Ried im Innkreis. “We opted for a very high-quality black roofing solution. Our priorities were very clearly high quality, exceptional longevity and simple upkeep, explains architect Wimmesberger.
The fantastic teamwork from all involved was also praised by Peter Stehlik, CEO of Ortig: “With this type of large, complex roofing solution, coordination between the planners, steel constructors, glass specialists and other firms was key”. To keep up with the tight schedule, the building shell was sealed in November 2017 using the winter-proof polymer bitumen membrane Hydrostop Multi 5 manufactured by the company Villas. “It really is a top product and can be left for longer periods of time. It meant we could get straight back to work on the roof in March and then finish by July,” explains Stehlik.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Client | developer: KTM

  • Architect: Peter Wimmesberger (Hofbauer Liebmann Architekten)

  • Location: Munderfing, Austria

  • Year of construction/completion: 2018

  • Covered area: approx. 8,100 m2

  • ProductsHydrostop Multi 5


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