Renovation of the waterproofing of the Mars plant in Haguenau, France

A part of the waterproofing of the vast roof of the factory belonging to chocolate maker Mars required a complete renovation, something which had never been done since its construction in 1974.
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Challenges overcome with success thanks to our solutions

The challenges

Built in 1974, the Mars Chocolat France factory (which also houses the head office of the Chocolat France division) has expanded to a surface area of 25,000 m². In 2016, the entire waterproofing of the site's roof was repaired, including a historic part that had never been renovated since its original construction. The construction site had to meet a number of highly technical challenges, in particular the presence of large amounts of roofing equipment and the need for the roof to be able to act as a fireguard.

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The solutions

Thanks to a combination of the load-bearing element, insulation and the BRoof (t3) classified Silver waterproofing coating, we were able to fulfil the technical requirements of the site. The specific reinforcement of the Silver two-layer system and the 20-year guarantee played a determining role in the choice of this solution.

The bitumen Silver bilayer coating system was installed on a thicker layer of insulation (50 mm), followed by 4 cm of gravel to protect the waterproofing and enable a M0 fire classification.

Renovation of the waterproofing of the Mars factory roof in Haguenau

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

  • Contracting authority: Mars Chocolat France, Haguenau factory, France

  • General contractor: SECCr

  • Waterproofing companies: Etancheco

  • Period: January to July 2016

  • Products: Irex Profil; Paradiene 35 SR4 Silver and Paradiene 40.1 Silver

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