Bridges, tunnels and parking

BMI is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing solutions for key road and rail infrastructure including bridges, tunnels and car parks.
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Road and rail bridges

Our high-quality, prefabricated membranes have been used on some of the biggest bridge decks across the world, helping to enhance their durability and extend their lifespan. BMI solutions offer outstanding mechanical strength, are suitable for use on both new and existing surfaces and can either be manually or mechanically torched in place. Our membranes have the capability to bridge all cracks of those swinging constructions as well as stand the heat of hot asphalt being applied to the waterproofing as final finish. Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, they also help to resist corrosive agents such as water, polluted air, carbon dioxide and de-icing salts that can cause structural damage to steel reinforcements within the concrete.

BMI were among the first companies to deliver full systems of waterproofing for road and rail bridges, building the foundation for  regulation in almost every country. Our strong technical support staff can offer you the right system for your bridge with strong local product names such as Vedapont, Isovill,  Mistral C, Parafor ponts and Supermost. 

In addition to our hardwearing road bridge membranes, we offer solutions specifically developed for use on railway bridges,  Mistral C is used across 80% of the structures on the latest TGV high speed rail line in France. In applications where time is of the essence, we have developed Brabant – an unbonded waterproofing system that can be fitted with or without removing the existing tracks. 
Most of our bridge decking products and system components  have been successfully used to  waterproof parking areas as well.


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The creation of an effective watertight seal is fundamental to the safety and longevity of any tunnel, whether it is a simple pedestrian underpass or a train line through a mountain. Any miscalculations in a project’s requirements can prove extremely costly, as repair options are complicated and time intensive. Our experienced technical support staff work closely with designers and contractors, assessing a range of factors including soil type, water table level and site access, to deliver the most cost-effective solution for each project. 

Our bitumen geomembranes Teranap provide an easy to apply and effective solution in cut-and-cover applications. The flexible material can be easily moulded to the shape of the underlying concrete and anchored in place. The membranes are resistant to chemicals and offer excellent mechanical properties, helping to reduce corrosion and long-term maintenance requirements. The width of 4 m enable a very efficient and fast working process. Our special technology to seal and proof the watertightness of the overlaps guarantees a maximum of security for the contractor and the end user.


Car Parks

Car Parks

Parking facilities present their own unique challenges. They must protect cars whilst withstanding their emissions, endure weathering and mechanical damage and provide a low maintenance space which still inspires trust in users. BMI solutions offers proven waterproofing systems, which have been used on thousands of bridges and car parks as well as liquid applied membranes, suitable for any complicated detail.

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