Joints and accessories

Our wide range of joints and accessories ensure continuity of waterproofing between different structures.
Joints and accessories

Mind the gap

Joints and interfaces are a potential source of leaks in any structure. BMI offers a range of solutions for these areas, either to fill the gaps between concrete slabs of high traffic motorways or to fill cracks in asphalt surfaces. Specially designed types or our materials are used to connect bridge systems and roads or guarantee an optimal connection between asphalt decks and rails.

Furthermore joint sealant materials are also designed to work seamlessly with our membranes in constructions where an effective and robust barrier to water penetration has to be created.

Our specialist engineers can advise on the best system configuration for your requirements, providing you with a complete solution from a single source. This can help to improve the reliability of the construction and reduces the number of deliveries to site.


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Roofs and Car Parks

Roofs and Car Parks

Our Neodyl solutions have been developed to form a watertight seal at expansion joints on flat roofs and roof gardens. The systems comprise a bitumen membrane, non-woven synthetic joint, flexible cord and an aluminium finish outer facing.

The solutions can also be used on car parks for light vehicles when fitted below our Paradyl flat expansion joint cover. The cover is designed specifically for these hardwearing applications, ensuring a lasting seal. 

roofs and car parks