Road asphalt modification

BMI’s cutting-edge polymer modified bitumen (PMB) solutions provide enhanced stability, noise reduction and durability in high friction applications.
Road asphalt modification

Protecting roads

Road surfaces around junctions, roundabouts,high-speed corners and on airports, can often suffer from excessive wear and bubbling. BMI polymer modified bitumen is designed to easily tackle these potential problem areas. The solutions provide enhanced resistance to friction from traffic, and are less sensitive to extreme temperature variations, reducing the risk of cracking during the cooler months. Their reliable performance has seen them used on a number of airport runways and we can tailor each solution to the specific requirements of your project.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we offer solutions which incorporate renewable resources to the PMB blend or allow for a higher level of reclaimed asphalt pavement in intermediate and top surfaces. 

For roads subject to underground movement, we also supply and install a bitumen-based mesh reinforcement system. This provides greater strength and flexibility in the construction, preventing cracking and extending the lifespan of the surface.


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