Civil engineering

BMI designs and delivers advanced waterproofing solutions for some of the most demanding civil-engineering projects across the globe.
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Assured performance

Waterproofing plays an invaluable role in strengthening and securing the longevity of any construction. Our wide range of waterproofing solutions delivers robust protection in even the toughest environments, shielding key infrastructure elements, including roads, bridges, mines, tunnels and dams. Each installation is backed by our highly experienced technical team, providing expert support and guidance at every step of a project, to ensure it complies with local regulations and provides maximum cost efficiency.

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Bridges, tunnels and parking

Bridges, tunnels and parking

BMI has delivered work for some of the world’s most innovative and technically advanced bridges. That same performance and dedication to precision is also applied to our car park solutions.
cold applied system

Road surfaces

Our road-surfacing solutions provide a cost-effective route to extending the lifespan of well-used surfaces.

Industrial sales

Whether you need bitumen-based facings for high performance roofing insulation, technical textiles for large scale dividing curtains, biogas or CIPP lining solutions, BMI can find the solution you are looking for.

Joints and accessories

Joints and accessories

Effective waterproofing at junctions is vital to the integrity of constructions. We have the technology and expertise to properly safeguard your project.
civil engineering