Road emulsions

BMI emulsion solutions can rejuvenate asphalt, extending the life expectancy and quality of roads.
Road emulsions

Roads renewed

Regular road resurfacing is important to ensure driver safety and to extend the lifespan of the road surface. BMI bitumen emulsions can be sprayed onto the existing road surface. Once a top layer of stone chippings is applied, the mixture rapidly sets providing a new, highly durable road surface and limiting disruption from road improvement works. 

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Rejuvenation of roads

Rejuvenation of roads

Ageing asphalt can often become brittle and prone to cracking. Our innovative Pentack systems can help to regenerate these surfaces. Its special mixture of bitumen emulsions, refined from natural or renewable sources, penetrates the top layer of the asphalt and activates its binder. This restores the materials adhesion and flexibility and greatly extending the lifespan of asphalt on roads, runways, bridges and car parks. The fast acting formula also allows surfaces to be reopened within just two to six hours of the treatment, minimising disruption.

rejuvenation of roads