Since 1997, Monier defines premium roofing in India with top-quality tile and system components. Trusted by major builders, our tiles—available in diverse designs and hues, spanning concrete and clay—are India's finest.
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Everguard offers lightweight, efficient roofing systems perfect for new or refurbished flat/curved projects. Known for single-ply roofing, it ensures superb thermal insulation and airtightness, cuts carbon footprint, and promises enduring protection.
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Our product portfolio:

Comprehensive Roofing Solutions from Classic Tiles to Modern Waterproofing.

Our roofing technologies

Our collection of roof products and innovations caters across multiple applications – from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to large-scale projects in the region.

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Find your nearest dealer of our pitched roofing solutions below on our dealer finder. BMI India has over 150 dealers across India, meaning there will always be somewhere nearby to find our products.

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